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Captain America originally wielded a triangular shield in his first appearance. This was replaced with his more traditional shield. His original shield has made appearances in retellings of his origins or earlier adventures and has been seen since.

It was destroyed by Baron Zemo when the Masters of Evil assault Avengers Mansion, however, it has been seen since. Captain America used the shield when his main one was damaged in several books following Heroes Return and Rick Jones was later seen to own the shield in an issue of Captain Marvel. In Young Avengers, Patriot stole the shield from Avengers Mansion but was later properly given it by Cap with his blessing. Oddly enough, despite all this, it was seen to still be broken during Civil War as the items Baron Zemo had destroyed during Under Siege were restored by Zemo with magic in a bid to convince Steve Rogers to help him. The shield was last seen still being used by Patriot.

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