Classic Avengers Villain Korvac Returns

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 Any guesses as to who drew this?
 Any guesses as to who drew this?

A special thanks to Xerox Kitty for bringing this our attention. Marvel’s just announced a new project that’s coming out this December - - CAPTAIN AMERICA & THE KORVAC SAGA. Following the suit of previous minis like SPIDER-MAN & THE SECRET WARS and THE AVENGERS & THE INFINITY GAUNTLET, this will be a retelling of a classic Marvel storyline. In this case, it’s the KORVAC SAGA, which ran in ’78 during the Shooter/ Michelinie/ Perez/ Wenzel run of AVENGERS. Although not a crossover per se, it was notable for being one of the first event-style storylines to put a host of hero against a giant threat.

The story revolved around Michael Korvac, a lowly computer technician from a Badoon- conquered Earth in the future who travels back to present day and seizes nothing less than the Power Cosmic from Galactus. With this nigh-omnipotence, Korvac attempts to remake Earth according to his own warped vision of utopia and is thwarted by the combined efforts of the Avengers and a time-traveling Guardians of the Galaxy. As far as I know, the only time that Korvac’s shown up since his defeat there was in Mark Waid’s CAPTAIN AMERICA run from the late 90s. That’s fitting since, as the title suggests, this comic’s going to recast the story with a newly-thawed Cap as a greater focus. == TEASER ==

Marvel hasn’t named an artist for this project, yet, but CHOKER co-writer Ben McCool’s handling the script. Here’s a bit about what he had to say about the project…

"I'm of the belief that younger readers would enjoy many of [Marvel's] great books, and a project such as this provides opportunity to reintroduce some of these characters and/or stories to a contemporary audience…Additionally, I think Korvac is deserving of a fresh appearance; he's as interesting a character as he is dastardly, and I can't wait for Marvel's readers to check out what he's got in store for Cap…”

You know, as much as I love these original stories, I’ll agree with him that, unfortunately, a lot of newer readers will probably be turned off by the printing quality of the years they came out and how Marvel heroes’ appearances in them don’t always jib with current depictions. If  remakes can work in movies and TV, I don’t see why they can’t work with comics. I’ll be curious to see how McCool revamps Korvac, transplanting the signature space opera 70's style into the modern mileau.
How many of you Comic Vine maniacs remember the KORVAC SAGA? Are you eager to see it reinterpreted like this, or would you prefer it be left alone?

-- Tom Pinchuk is the writer of UNIMAGINABLE for Arcana Studios and HYBRID BASTARDS! for Archaia. Pre-order the HYBRID BASTARDS! hardcover now on

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very excited about this .... this is what started all folks with out this there would be no secret wars no infinity gauntlet  no sagas if it wasnt for this! its gonna truly be epic to read a revamp version of this

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this should be interesting...i'd love to read this

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I'm most interested in reading a freshly thawed out cap honestly

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I know it was a big deal when it happened, but I still haven't read it.  I'd really like to read the original, but then, I was around then, so it'd be nostalgic for me.  One thing about comic remakes: I think it's a little cheesy to sell a remake as a monthly issue project.  I think it should be remade as a graphic novel/ trade paperback sized book, and sold once... but then, I think all comics should go that direction eventually.

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meh. id rather read the classic.

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So Cap vs a cosmic being. Yeah that makes for a great story. Hello Beyonder? Are you busy or anything today? Need your help with some guy named Korvac. No, not the battery thats Rayovac. Yes as soon as you can hes just turned the Vision into Jell-o. Ok see you soon. thanks.
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I was wondering when he'd return...

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Wow, I forgot all about this guy

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Can't say I'm familiar with this but I just might pick it up.

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Haven't read it, but I do know of the storyline and it looks pretty good. I especially like the cover of Avengers #177.

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I'm not sure I'd call these kinds of rehashed stories a "fresh appearance". I'd much rather see Korvac in a contemporary story than this.
Generally, I'm still on the fence concerning these retellings. I think presenting these pivotal stories to an audience that weren't around for the original is a great thing but at the same time you have to be really careful not to contradict the original story.

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@Tom Pinchuk: Thank you!  I would have written something, but I don't know enough about Cap or Korvac to do it justice.  Say 'hi' if you see McCool in San Diego :)
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Tom, I don't think Korvac siezed the power cosmic from Galactus but rather absorbed information from the memory banks of Taa II, Galactus's spaceship at the time.
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I would rather read the original first before jumping on board a remake.  Im currently re reading the Infinity Gauntlet, and the part where Cap goes toe to toe with Thanos still gives me chills.

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(( Yawn)) 

How about a NEW story with Michael Korvac?

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I really enjoyed the classic, not so sure about this project though.

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I loved the original story as a kid.  I still think Korvac is the most underrated cosmic being out there.   
I hope they do this well.  I'm looking forward to it.

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I think he's going to appear in the next episode of avengers: earth mightiest heroe's

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@Tom Pinchuk: Korvac resurfaced in Avengers Academy #11

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