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Plot Summary

Based on the iconic Marvel Comics character from World War II. A brave, yet mild-mannered young soldier, Steve Rogers, deemed unfit for service for physical reasons, volunteers to undergo a series of experiments for the U.S. Military Super-Soldier program, in which Dr. Abraham Erskine develops the Super Soldier Serum. Dr. Erskine is later assassinated by Heinz Kruger, the Red Skull's top assassin.

The military succeeds in transforming Rogers into a living weapon, but quickly decide that the Super-Soldier is too expensive to risk losing in combat. So, the United States Military decides to use him as an army celebrity and parade him around Europe to boost morale by having him perform at USO shows for Allied troops. Then, when a Nazi plot reveals itself, Rogers must rise up and become the First Avenger in order to save his country.

Behind The Scenes

Directer Joe Johnston has said that, while Steve Rogers wants to serve his country he is not a jingoistic American, he's just a good person, wanting to do the right thing.

The movie was originally planned to be half in World War II era, and the other half in modern day, but the script was later rewritten.

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter
Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter

The Howling Commandos appeared in the movie, although not the original Howling Commandos from the comics. Red Skull, Hitler's head of advanced weaponry and leader of HYDRA, appeared as the main antagonist, searching for a mysterious artifact called the " Tesseract". Major Peggy Carter was Steve's love interest, and Bucky Barnes was his sidekick.

This is chronologically the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Originally written 8-1-11Taking place in 1942, a young brave man named Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) wants to do his part in fighting the war against the Nazi conquest. However, he does not have the physical ability to be considered for military service. After having his paperwork faked, Rogers joins the military anyway, and under the supervision of a doctor by the name of Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci). Rogers undergoes a procedure that will increase his strength, size, speed, durability, and endura...

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