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Comic book movies have come a long way. In the 70s we had some Captain America movies but in was in 1992 when the now defunct 21st Century Film studio made their attempt at bringing the 'first Avenger' to the big screen.

The movie was originally planned to be released in 1990 but it was tweaked a little and finally released on video in 1992 (with a theatrical release overseas).

The movie starred Matt Salinger as Captain America and Scott Paulin as the Red Skull (with Ned Beatty and Bill Mumy having smaller roles). The story was similar to what we know, Captain America was created in 1943, gets frozen and then revived today to try to save the world.

As for this's the movie from 1992. It hasn't been remastered. It's not widescreen. Purist should love the fact that it's presented in its original form (since people are complaining about the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray). There aren't any special features, besides the theatrical trailer. What you get is the movie that was made in 1990.

It's not just a straight adaptation of the Captain America mythos. For whatever reason, some changes were made. The biggest is the Red Skull's origin. He was a boy from Italy that was experimented on as the Fascist government tried creating a supersoldier. They never even mention his name being Johann Schmidt. The lead researcher wasn't Dr. Abraham Erskine but instead a scientist named Dr. Maria Vaselli. She then flees to America to set things in motion for Steve Rogers.

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Speaking of Steve Rogers, he's supposed to be a frail kid that wasn't able to join the Army. It's mentioned here that it was because he had polio. The thing is, he didn't look too frail. They do add some muscle-growing effects when the experiment goes underway but there doesn't appear to be much of a difference.

As for the quality of the movie, there's no point in comparing to this year's Captain America release. You can see it was made with a much lower budget. In some ways, that works. The lab where Steve underwent his transformation looks more like what you would expect for the time. In The First Avenger, it almost looked too high tech and shiny. Captain America's costume also looks cheaper which makes sense again for the time.

This is by no means a great movie. As a piece of comic book movie history, it's worth checking out. If anything, it lets you see how much could be done on a lower budget. Some of the changes didn't make a lot of sense. There is quite a bit of cheesiness to the movie. The idea of Red Skull's daughter being the leader of his mini squad of thugs is enough to make you groan. There are plenty of moments that will make you scratch your head and wonder what was going on behind the scenes.

There might be some debate whether or not this should have been re-released. It's painful to watch at times and will make you laugh at other points. It's a valiant effort. If you haven't seen it, check it out. The retail price of $19.95 seems high for a DVD with no special features. Giving it a rating, I'd say it's a 2 out of 5. Check it out if you can find it cheaper and are really curious to see how Captain America works in this presentation.

Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it already.

And here's a couple more 'production' stills (they look better than the video version).

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Old Cap movie, saw it, loved it. 

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Man this takes me back. Loved it (though very corny)

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The best part was when he threw the shield to knock over the motorcycles, he actually did it. I guess they decided they might as well try it before rigging up some effect and he was actually able to knock them over. 
That's all I got.

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Haha amazing trailer. I wonder if this movie also had a Pee-Wee Herman bike chase scene.

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that was a really bad bad movie

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I will only watch it "IF" the movie has a catchy theme song.

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I still love the fact that this Cap was played by none other than J.D. Salinger's kid. The maker of Holden Caulfield's son playing the American hero. Also, Ned Beatty!

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Good movie, I preferred the two Captain America movies before it though from 1979 starring Reb Brown.

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In all honesty this movie did make laugh quite a bit.  In all truth the only real good part besides Matt Salinger's Cap was Kim Gillingham as Bernice/Sharon...and come, anyone who at least has a working knowledge of the Cap mythos knows that Bernice Stewart/Sharon Stewart is supposed to be inspired by Peggy/Sharon Carter.  Not the best of movies really to go on, but that's typical when you have a small budget.  Keep in mind this was around the same time The Flash movie was made as well as Dolph Lundgren's attempt at Frank Castle. To err is human... to forgive is divine, lol.

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I own this on VHS still, I have wanted to watch it again because I know it as been forever since I watched it and I honestly can not remember much about it.

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I'm sacred to watch this....

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Ahh...I remember this. It's not the worst movie out there, especially given its contemporaries, but I think you could probably MAKE a comparable film today for $19.99.

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Funny enough, the bit that always stuck with me the most about this movie was the Red Skull rat that was shown in the beginning of this movie. lol I remember it looking like something out of the Lee Harvey Harryhausen films.

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Never seen this movie, probably never will...

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I have seen this a few times, and recall renting it when it originally came out on um..tape..way back when. It seems to pop up in a few comic book conventions alongside the ill-fated Fantastic Four movie by Roger Corman, ( edit). The ears on his costume always got to me.

That aside, G-Man points out the lab scene in the recently released Captain America movie this summer and I agree, I also thought it was a bit too advanced given the time frame the scene took place. It was supposed to be advanced, yes, but not that much. Still a minor quibble regarding what was a great movie.

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Loved it for the era's cheese factor. Same as the old FF movie.

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I used to have this on vhs when i was a kid. I thought it was the coolest ever at the time. lol

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This movie was the reason some people started to take up pot again during the mid 90's.

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This movie seemed ok when I was 12

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I like how he would get out of the car and pretend to not feel good, so when they went to check up on him he ran back to the car and drove off.

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@Tazirai: you mean the best ff movie

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dear barbara, this is fantastic. I remember seeing this on the video store shelves as a kid, but never got around to watching it. I think there's a Spidey movie around the same era.

side note: this Cap movie had both the mom and dad from A Christmas Story in it. that earns it at least one star.

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i loved this movie solely because the President was a bad ass. I always like to think when it comes down to it, our Presidents can break out the proverbial "big stick" and punch a modern Nazi in the face.

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Well, I still say this is a mighty fine movie.

Screw the haters, let the haters hate away.

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Nick Fury with Da Hoff was little much funnier :D

Love trashy movies

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bleh. didnt like the new one or the old one

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I remember watching this as a kid. It wasn't bad.

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I have this on VHS. And i do like it for what it is. Red Skull comes off pretty cool to me here. Its kind of fun.

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I loved this movie when I was a kid........yep..........definitely haven't seen it in years but I bet its not that bad even though the Red Skull is Russian.

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Remember really enjoying this as a kid, haven't seen it for years.

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I first saw this a long time ago and couldn't figure out whether it was serious or a parody. To be honest it's a pretty bad film but maybe today I can look though my rose tinted nostalgic glasses when watching.

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Bad movie.

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There was a marathon of all 3 of the Captain America movies before the new one came out a while ago on SyFy. The '79 films were so slow paced and the plots were ridiculous. The only redeeming factor was that Christopher Lee was in the second one. This '90s Cap was more accurate and entertaining, but it's still a poor effort.

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