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I was digging around Google searching for scans of Cap and ran across this post on an old forum.  Supposedly this is Ed Brubaker, but I'm not going to say for certain.  Would love it if someone could confirm it. 
What are your thoughts on this?  I get the feeling this will piss off the Batman fans in the battle forums...

Originally Posted by Ed Brubaker 
I agree with parts of a lot of people's comments here and elsewhere. But I think it's a bit funny to see people get so bent out of shape when a guy who's given something called the "Super Soldier Serum" turns out to be a bit more than the average human. He's been leaping out of the windows of eight story buildings and across city streets in NYC, dodging bullets, doing amazing feats of speed and strength, since I started reading the book in the early 70s.

My take has always been that Cap is the peak of human POTENTIAL. What humans might someday be able to do, physically, he already can. If it was just about having an olypic-level athlete, do you really think all these groups and scientists would have been wasting 50plus years trying to replicate the SSS?

All I've done is have him say outloud what's always been pretty clear to me as a fan of the character. He's always been a lot stronger and faster than the average well-trained athlete. And I've always hated the Batman comparisons. Batman trained himself, Cap got given a miracle serum. I'm not making that up or changing anything.

Daredevil is more like Batman, physically, and yet in Born Again, Cap races by him so fast he's a breeze. As for Cap running 60mph. In the comic, I think he says he can run a mile in a little over a minute when he HAS to. It's not even implied that he can keep that up all day. It's a full-on burst of speed, when he has to.
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hmmmm.....interesting. Does he mean Daredevil is more like Bats in term of his training, or in physical abilities, because I guess I could see the correlation. Cap being above peak human is something thats been pretty consistent in comics though, glad Brubaker didn't try to get all practical and just came out with the fact that he is indeed some low level super-human

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Here are a couple of quotes as well from Ed Brubaker. I've posted these before here on comicvine, but it was some 2 years ago or so.

"While I don't think of Cap as 'super' like Spider-man or Superman, he's clearly not Batman with a shield. He's not just like a guy who works out all the time and is training. He's been enhanced, and I wanted to show that a bit."

" I see it as he's the ultimate of human potential. Not something that modern man could ever be, but like en evolutionary next step, basically. He's not Thor or Spider-man, but he's not Batman either."

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I don't remember this interview but it was pretty cool.
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Whether this was written by Brubaker or not, I agree that the Super Soldier Serum did indeed make Steve Rogers/Captain America so much more than an Olympic-level athlete.

I also agree that it made him physically far superior to Batman, Daredevil or any other hero/villain who hasn't been physically enhanced and/or doesn't have super-powers.

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Yeah that was Ed Brubaker as I remember reading it when he posted it. He stated the same thing when he was posting at CBR in Cap super man thread. A lot of the Dc fans there just believe Steves Peak Human definition is the same to Batman Peak human definition, but they are not one in the same. Which leads many in confusion but they are entirely different. It was Mark Gruenwald who also called Steve the peak of human POTENTIAL(before Bru). And writer Fibian and and Kevin Maguire had the creator of the SSS call Steve, " the next step in human evolution." From the Adventures of Captain America sentinel of liberty.

Even in earlier origin takes they coined Steve- a man unlike the world has never seen before or the perfect man.

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