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The SHIELD Helicarrier is closing in on a Nazi World Party Headquarters located in a church in Philadelphia. Intelligence says that they have seven nukes ready for launch. But they have a secret weapon ready....Captain America.

Cap engages in battle with the Nazis. Red Skull flees but Cap is engaged in battle with Master Man. After defeating Master Man he comes across a dying Falcon. He cuts his hand with his shield and lets his blood drip into Falcon's mouth with the hope that the super soldier serum will save his life. He leaves a still breathing Falcon behind to pursue Red Skull.

Meanwhile, Rikki Barnes has been tied to one of the nukes which will launch soon to Los Angeles by Herr Hauptmann. Hauptmann believes Master Man to have taken Cap and the Skull out of the picture. But Red Skull arrives and stops the launch. Master Man makes his way to the missile site but soon Cap does as well, freeing Rikki from the missile.

Master Man battles Cap and Rikki who are soon assisted by the revived Falcon and they retrieve the launch button for the missile. Fury shows up to help clean up the mess and says that their job is still not completed as long as the Red Skull is on the loose.

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