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The Black Panther's got a gift for the new Cap: a new shield! And when Cap uses the shield to go after the guys invading the Serpent Society's headquarters, well, everybody had better watch out!

D-man and Vagabond are practicing their fighting skill out by Cap’s pool when Jack catches them in an awkward position. The mini argument is interrupted when a hovercraft from Wakanda shows up and Cap hops aboard. On board he is gifted with a new shield and news that the Serpent Society needs his help. He assembles the team and they fly to New York State to find Diamondback, the person who sent to distress call.

They find her and a semi-conscious Sidewinder, and after she explains that another snake group is taking over the Society, Cap agrees to help. He sends Vagabond to the local hospital with Sidewinder, and the rest of the group fallow Diamondback to her secret headquarters.

In the headquarters the team finds Viper and her group torquing the Society members and they learn some of the weaker minded ones have already joined Viper. Cap fights Viper but she escapes and Cap is forced to break off the chase to save some of the loyal Society members.

Meanwhile Vagabond and Sidewinder get attacked by Black Racer, but due to her earlier training she is able to overpower the villain and save the day.

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