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Cairn was not always a hub for law and order. It was once a drugworld, ruled by drug lords, and was one of the most lawless planets in the galaxy. 78% of all illegal substances were distributed and grown on Cairn. It was not a sophistical or technological world by any means in these days. As long as the drugs and money kept flowing, no one cared. The dominant humanoid species on the planet had the highest addiction rate of everyone, nearing 100% in some areas. Drugs were just a way of life on Cairn. The police force was owned and controlled by the various drug lords that ran Cairn. Most food is imported because all agriculture on Cairn was devoted to the production and manufacturing of the drugs. The hierarchy of drug lords was led by Kanis-Biz, the father of Marij'n Bek and father-in-law of Garryn Bek.

Assault on Cairn

Assault on Kanis-Biz Estate
Assault on Kanis-Biz Estate

Vril Dox II devised a plan of ousting the drug lords from Cairn. The plan involved taking over the police force and using them to fight the private armies of the drug lords. There were good police officers on the force who would follow Vril Dox II to take down the drug lords. The other officers that were bribed by the drug lords were to be scared by Lobo into joining Vril Dox II. It was either die by the hand of Lobo or fight the drug lords and possibly survive.

Police Battle Private Army of Kanis-Biz
Police Battle Private Army of Kanis-Biz

The rest of the founding L.E.G.I.O.N. members (Strata, Lyrissa Mallor, Garryn Bek, Stealth, and Durlan) were being treated by their host, Kanis-Biz, at his estate prior to the assault. When the assault hit, they were reluctant to join in on another one of Vril Dox's deceits. They fought Lobo while Vril Dox held Kanis-Biz hostage. Dox forced his surrender after Biz saw that the battle was hopeless because Lobo was fighting against him. After Kanis-Biz ordered all of his troops to stand down and surrender Vril Dox II executed him, ending the rule of Kanis-Biz as drug lord.

Drug Lords Retaliate

Drug Lords Attack
Drug Lords Attack

In response to the ousting and execution of Kanis-Biz, the rest of the drug lords descend upon Vril Dox II and his group with over a thousand heavily armed ships. To combat this new threat, Vril Dox II devised a plan to use Lobo's special ability to spawn clones of himself through drops of his blood. With a Lobo army at their side, the drug lords stood no chance and were defeated.

L.E.G.I.O.N. is Born

Vril Dox II was hailed as a hero of Cairn. Police envoys from all over Cairn gathered to hear from their new leader. Vril Dox II became incapacitated and near death after being raped by Stealth. With Vril Dox II unavailable, Lyrissa Mallor assumed the position of spokesperson for Dox's new organization: L.E.G.I.O.N.

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