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I myself have come across a character inconsistency with Cable in the burnt offering. From the comics that I have read in his first solo series, I don't see why he would he himself in a position where he would burn out his powers or even get his arm ripped out by the Silver Surfer. I have read Uncanny X, Comic Vine, Wikipedia, they have all said he burnt out his powers when fighting the Silver Surfer but all that it appears to be is SS ripping his arm out and blasting him. That doesn't seem logical because from  Cable 84 comic book first series his blasts were more powerful than Jean Grey in Phoenix Form against the Undying. I have seen on two different occasions the Phoenix beating Galactus who gave SS his power. Here is the proof for Cable's blast being more powerful than Jean Grey in her Phoenix Form.

If your going to reply to what I posted right now please read the comic Cable 84 or follow my link, if your still having trouble following my link then just go to Uncanny X and type in Cable 84

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Hm, I guess it's just a question of different power levels. 
Cable's powers are among the most changing of all X-Men.

At first he's a low level telekinetic. 
Than he has telepathy and TK, but needs most of his power to keep the T-O-virus in check.

Than he becomes stronger and stronger, repeatedly beating Apocalypse and even (arguably) stronger characters, until he get's rid of the T-O in issue 100 of his first series.

Funny enough his powers during the Soldier X run (without the T-O virus) seem much weaker than before. 

So you can't explain it logically, which means you're right, it is an inconsistency, but by far not the only one regarding Cable.

Just think about his connections to other characters, which change from being almost like a son, to not even reacting the slightest to Cable's death. 
Or one time he can travel through time, then he can't,then he can do it on his own, then he needs a time machine.  etc..
Unfortunately Cable is one of the characters that only work, if you keep his different incarnations in mind. 
Nicieza usually did a great job in C&D, but even he made his mistakes...

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Cable's power levels can be explained fairly well and I think that Nicieza did a good job of explaining it in C&D.  Cable always had limited TK and TP due to the techno-virus.  At somepoints it was considerably stronger; for example, when he was using the psimitar weapon to focus and enhance his power.  When the Legacy Virus was cured, the airborne cure mutated Cable's TO virus to the point that Cable was able to use his power to actually remove the virus (Cable #100).  Cable's power then grew exponentially but he was unpracticed in controlling power of that magnitude so he began to use it less and less.


By Cable and Deadpool, Cable tells Xavier that the virus had returned but that controlling it with his current power level was as simple as breathing.  He also stated that the human body wasn't meant to handle the power levels he was putting off for a sustained period of time which is why Cable felt the need to do something useful with his power for the benefit of mankind with the time he had left.  Being pitted against the Silver Surfer was something Cable had not anticipated and the battle forced him to use too much power too quickly.  I also don't believe Cable thought he would lose.  In addition to losing the TO part of his body to the Silver Surfer, Cable had Deadpool use a small teleporter (Cable's tech) to remove the portion of Cable's brain that handled his higher functions of his powers. 


Deadpool then enlisted the aid of Fixer to replace Cable's TO with an infant Phalanx that Fixer bonded to Cable symbiotically.  So by Cable and Deadpool #12, Cable was back to having low to moderate telekinesis and telepathy but now without the need to expend the bulk of his power to keep a techno-virus at bay.  This did not last for very long as Cable lost all his powers after the Hous of M crossover (interestingly, he didn't lose his powers on M-Day, rather he blew them out fixing mental tampering done to Deadpool)


After losing his powers all together, Cable created technological replacements for his powers and utilized these through a special suit.  This is about the time that Cable started appearing in Carey's run in X-Men.  Carey's Cable is back to using big guns but also had a forcefield and no powers.  During Carey's run, Cable is posessed by a Shi'ar Mummadrai that reignites his powers to combat a Shi'ar WMD.  However, Cable loses his TP immediately when the Mummadrai is killed and his TK starts fading fast.


When Cable is seen again in Messiah Complex, he seemingly has no powers nor does he have his technological replacements: he simply has his guns.  When Cable jumps into the future with Hope, he seemingly has no powers at all until the Messiah War crossover between Cable and X-Force when he manages to squeeze off a mental assault against Stryfe.  Suddenly, Cable's techno-virus is in full swing and he has to use the last tiny bit of his powers to get it under control.  No more mention of his power is made until Cable makes his "sacrifice" in Second Coming where he allows the techno-virus (that he doesn't have anymore) that he's been holding back his whole life (with the powers he no longer has) to overtake him in a contrived way to save X-Force.


In summation, if there's any inconsistency with Cable's powers, the fault lies with Carey, Swierzinski, Kyle and Yost who decided to blow off all the development Nicieza had done with Cable and retcon Cable in order to tell the story they wanted to tell.

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the Thing has admitted that Sasquatch was stronger than him twice but Sasquatch has also admitted that Thing is stronger than him.
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@Thor's hammmer: Marvel is just filled with inconsistency. Have you seen the pick of Colossus lifting the Juggernaut?
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@Psimitar:  I would prefer Cable dead because of his inconsistent wrtiting. Alot of people on Comic Vine think Silver Surfer could beat Cable fully powered. But Cable has beaten Psycho Man who has beaten Silver Surfer. There are even more instants if you would like to know them.
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@doomsummers said:

                    @Thor's hammmer: Marvel is just filled with inconsistency. Have you seen the pick of Colossus lifting the Juggernaut?




no but i saw the scan of him matching Gladiator(the guy who survives super novas and shatters planets with his punches) in strength and Durability.

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i think ive seen Cables eye that lights up change like from left to right before

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