How should they do it?

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There are several dozen threads about who differant folks should play Cable. But if (and hopefully when) a movie is eventually made how should they do it? Would it be only in the future? Only in the present? A flash back scence with parents in the present who look eariliy similar to Scott & Jean sending him into the future? I love Cable, he's one of my favorite comic charecters and I would love to see him in a movie, I just don't have a damned clue how they could pull it off to appeal to more than just us comic nerds. What do you think?

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I think Cable should simply be a character in a movie with nuanced origins and then get his own movie. Sort of a tamer treatment than the Wolverine movie character. I would love Cable on the big screen, regardless of the how-they-do-its.

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I really think the best way to do it would be similar to how they introduced him in the X-MEN Animated Series. As a special ops soldier who was a mutant and appeared at random times in the present, and then use a movie to dive into his full origins, and reveal that he is from the future and use flashbacks to tell the story. I really like the idea of Bruce Willis as Cable, wish they would have thought of that 5-10 years ago though. Otherwise I think Kurt Russel could have pulled him off (think the movie Soldier)

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