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Part of the Onslaught crossover. Cable confronts the enemy that has sought his death since birth. Cable vs. Apocalypse!

The story begins with Cable and Invisible Woman under attack of a psionic hurricane. Cable suggests finding the others but Sue is determined to save her son Franklin from Onslaught's citadel. Soon they find a surprise as they are met by Apocalypse himself. Cable attacks but Apocalypse reveals he wishes to stop Onslaught and knows how to retrieve Franklin. Sue uses her invisible shield to separate them from fighting.

Apocalypse states that Onslaught is vulnerable from where is power comes from....the Astral Plane. Cable and Apocalypse leave the Invisible Woman behind. The are instantly discovered by Onslaught who summons psionic projections of Post, Hulk and Magneto to defend him.

Apocalypse unveils his secret plan to stop Onslaught, which is killing Franklin. Cable reveals that he had telepathically hidden Invisible Woman the whole time and she uses her power to stop Apocalypse from destroying her son.

As Cable and Sue fight Apocalypse, Onslaught tells Franklin that he allowed this to happen to show him the true nature of all humans is to betray one another for their own personal goals. Sue tries to reach Franklin but Onslaught mentally holds her away from him and transports them all out of the Astral Plane.

Apocalypse is furious with their costly decisions and teleports away and Invisible Woman and Cable are left where they started. On the positive side Frankln is no longer afraid and has hope that everything will be fine in the end.

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