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Led on a wild goose chase and surrounded with no escape, Cable responds the only way he knows how- by waging a one-man war on the Acolytes inside their own base! But can even he fend off the villainous mutants and stop Omega Red's plans at the same time?

Cable uses Magneto's former base against the Acolytes. Divide and conquer works at first, but Omega Red still poses a threat and Cable turns to him. If Omega Red is successful in curing himself then the death spore virus will be released from his body and dispersed to the human race. It takes an incredible sacrifice to stop Omega Red, but once he's stopped then the Acolytes are finished with Cable.


Cable is cornered by the full slate of Acolytes. Knowing his ability to control Magneto's arctic base, he orders the lights off and runs. Walls open for him as he makes his way to the control center. He sees via the base's network that the Acolytes have split up to find him. He decides to have some fun with them.

In Florida, Lee Forrester prepares for another fishing expedition. Paolo, a deckhand, is sent back to market for a proper net. On his way there, however, he is pulled into the water. Senyaka drains his lifeforce as he awaits the strength to attack Lee.

Using his unique connection to the base, Cable takes out Milan and one of the Kleinstock brothers. He uses the walls to engage Unuscione in an odd fist fight and ultimately overpowers her force field. Cable then haphazardly runs into the other Kleinstock brother, Cargill, and Voght. Cargil explains that Omega Red is already trying to release his death spore virus on the world and the Acolytes simply want to gather their teammates and leave the Earth to its fate. Cable is shocked at their callousness to all of humanity dying. Voght teleports Cable away and admits that her team has gotten out of hand. Colossus shows up and Cable sends Voght to stop Omega Red while he tries to talk some sense into an old acquaintance.

Voght finds Omega Red, but his process has already begun. He overpowers Voght and waits for the last few minutes of the process to complete so as to be free from the death spore virus.

Cable fights Colossus and the two get in some good punches and some good verbal barbs. Colossus truly believes that Cable should join Magneto's cause. Cable finally sees that Colossus is a lost cause and experiments with his newfound telepathy to make Colossus change to his human self. He then knocks Colossus out.

Cable finds Omega Red and engages him in a fight but sees that this will also be fruitless since time is almost out. Katu arrives and "volunteers" to sacrifice himself by being transported into space so as to release the death spore virus away from the Earth. Cable senses the real purpose and prohibits Katu from teleporting away because the real plan is to have the death spore virus act as a shield between Avalon and Earth. With no other option, Katu focusses his energy inward and implodes himself and Omega Red. Colossus sees that the issue is over and orders the Acolytes back to Avalon.

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