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Once a nameless War Unicorn utilized by the Demon Hunter Quigley as his transport mount during his field campaigns to hunt down and slay demons. Or at least until they ran into Skeeve and Aahz. Despite the Unicorn’s best attempt to charge down the Pervect, Aahz simply proved too scary for him to handle.

Afterwards, Quigley was much more cautious when he attacked the demon assassins Brockhurst and Higgins on foot. Nevertheless, Quigley was no match for the assassins who turned him into solid stone via a petrification spell. Consequently, the Unicorn was forced into service as a beast of burden to lug the heavy statue around for the assassins.

Heavy Burden
Heavy Burden

Fortunately enough, when the Unicorn and his master were reunited with Skeeve and Aahz sometime later, Skeeve took pity on the suffering beast. Removing Quigley from his back and improvised a sled litter for the Unicorn to drag the incapacitated demon hunter around, which was much easier for the steed. During their travels, Skeeve befriended and dubbed the unnamed War Unicorn as Buttercup.

Buttercup would accompany the pair of Aahz and Skeeve to the town of Twixt to see Frumple, a demon who they hoped could restore Aahz’s powers.

After Frumple sent the duo to the other dimension Deva, he immediately left to betray them to their enemy Isstvan; stealing Buttercup as a convenient beast of burden for himself. Buttercup was left stabled at Isstvan's base of operations until he was defeated by Aahz, Skeeve, Tanda, and Quigley. When Isstvan and the others departed the dimension of Klah along with Quigley, Buttercup was forgotten and left behind.

Buttercup was happily reunited with Skeeve and reluctantly endures the company of Aahz and Skeeve's new pet dragon Gleep as well.

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