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The highly trained and highly lethal bodyguard of Artemis Fowl. He is a member of the Butler family, where the common word describing one's carer or servant arose from. 
The Butlers have been serving the Fowls for centuries, since the Norman Conquest.  
Like all Butlers, he was trained in Madam Ko's Bodyguard Academy, where he graduated and earned the Blue Diamond tattoo at the age of 18, the youngest ever graduate. He was trained in Cordon Blue cooking, marksmanship, various martial arts, emergency medicine and information technology. 
His favorite weapon is his SIG Sauer  9mm handgun, he also uses his environment and any available weapons to great effect.  His martial arts training is incredibly advanced, he is the third most dangerous man in hand to hand combat in the world. The first spends all day beating up palm trees while the second is a relative of Butlers.  
He has taken on a Troll one on one and come out on top(with a little magical healing), which is regarded as the most vicious and dangerous predator on the planet, it didn't stand a chance. 
His life before serving Artemis Fowl II is not widely known but throughout the books it mentions time with various black ops groups and extremely dangerous missions he undertook. 


He is 7 foot tall weighs in excess of 200 pounds  and has deep blue eyes. He is heavily muscled, but is amazingly limber and agile for a man of his build and size.

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