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The Olympian god named

Dionysus suffered a bout of depression after his defeat by She-Hulk and stole a nuclear warhead which to possibly use to destroy Olympus. Dionysus brought the warhead back to Olympus where he is approached by his brother Hercules. Hercules tried to console Dionysus but Dionysus complained that his powers were fading away as was the power of the Olympian Gods in general. He told Hercules he wanted the Olympians to go out with a bang and planned to send them all to Hades using the nuclear warhead. Hercules had no choice but to intervene with the fate of Olympus at stake. Counting on some resistance, Dionysus had employed a mortal mercenary named Sergeant Butcher T. Washington to stop the Prince of Power. Washington was equipped with a massive tank that had numerous offensive capabilities. Hercules had twenty minutes to stop Washington or the warhead would explode. Washington was promised a large sum of money if he could eliminate Hercules. Washington broke out with the heavy artillery but Hercules destroyed the tank with one missile. Washington shot Hercules with a taser blast and tried to choke him with an adamantium garote. Hercules began to bleed from his neck and was near death. Dionysus had a sudden change of heart and, fearing Hercules might perish, he transported Washington and the warhead out of Olympus and into the gold depository of Fort Knox.

Abilities & Equipment:

Washington has military experience and has been trained in various forms of unarmed combat and weaponry. Washington carries numerous firearms and weapons including a pistol that fires a high-voltage taser shot and an adamantium garote.


Washington had a massive tank equipped with various weaponry. The tank had a flame-thrower and a rocket launcher that could fire multiple rockets at the same time.

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