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A rabbit with cybernetic limbs. She later marries Antoine.

She appears as a main character in the Sonic Satam series. She uses her robotic apendages for physical combat as well as other uses, such as breaking down solid walls for escaping Robotnik's bases. She speaks with a Texas accent.


when she was crystalized by Ixis Naugus she reverted back to being completly organic by chaos emerald he wielded. She is starting to feel vulnerable without her robotic limb but Antoine comforted her of showing her strengths. She sometimes forgets that she not have cybernetic limbs


Bunnie's origin is chronicled in Sonic Super Special #3. She was snatched from her carrot patch by Swatbots and thrown into the Roboticizer. Sonic and Rotor managed to shut it down halfway through, leaving her with robot legs and her left arm. They took her back to Knothole Village, where she expressed great interest in becoming Princess Sally's hairdresser, and also a Freedom Fighter. She speaks in a Southern dialect, often calling people "sugah." Her robotic limbs give her super-strength, and there are jets in her feet, allowing her to fly. In Sonic Super Special #11, she got an upgrade, making her limbs less bulky and more in the shape of her natural limbs.

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