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Major Story Arcs

Bud Ugly was one of the many Vicious Circle members that escaped from Stronghold Penitentiary back when Dart first joined up with the Chicago Police Department. He joined and remained with the Vicious Circle from that point onwards, although occasionally tried his hand at having a civilian life, working as a bus boy briefly.

After several years or service with the Vicious Circle, Bud Ugly was less interested in villainy, but Overlord selected him to lead the Dragon Army, injecting him with the stolen blood of the Savage Dragon, who was soon reborn with his full memory restored as Emperor Kurr.

The awakened Emperor attacked the Dragon Army to retrieve his stolen blood, Bud Ugly and Lowblow both survived with severe throat wounds, but the Dragon's blood injected into them bled out. The duo were cared for by Open Face and Octopus until Kurr collapsed the building they were in, killing them both.

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