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Major Story Arcs

Crap! You Better Run!
Crap! You Better Run!

His true origins unknown, the man who became known as the Bruiser decided he wanted to beat the Hulk one day and made up a list of various heroes and villains that were considered "tough" for him to fight. At some point, he gained jobs from the likes of A.I.M, H.Y.D.R.A. and the Serpent Society. Eventually, he was hired by the Midas Corporation as a hire and after beating Ox of the Enforcers, he was assigned to take down Daredevil. During his first fight with Daredevil, the man without fear was unable to get a handle on Bruiser due to his abilities and was knocked overboard into the ocean. Thinking he had killed Daredevil, Bruiser retrieved his targets for the Midas Corporation and headed back to shore unaware that Daredevil had survived and was hiding on the boat's side as it returned to port. Not long after entering the Midas Corporation, Daredevil made himself known and fought Bruiser again. He soon discovered that Bruiser was able to shift his center of gravity into any part of his body, making him use his fist like a wrecking ball or be unmovable. At one point, Daredevil allowed himself to be pinned by Bruiser and then used his rader sense to zero in on Bruiser's left knee cap and when the force of gravity was at it's highest point, he snapped his billy club and destroyed Bruiser's knee cap in the process and took him out of the fight.

Bruiser has later Appeared as a henchmen for The kingpin. He fought Kaine during his involvement with the hand, Though the battle finished inconclusively, Bruiser had the advantage over Kaine due to the fact that he had become a lot stronger.



Bruisers is a street level powerhouse, but in his first emergence was was hurt and even taken down by Daredevil, who is not superhuman. But as time passed , Bruiser increased in both strength and durability, because Kaine, who is stronger than Spider-Man, could not even make bruiser bat an eye, let alone hurt him, in fact, Kaine says himself that punching bruiser nearly broke his arm, and even this could have been hyperbole, it shows just how tough Bruiser has become. He has also Increased in his size, he became more buff and taller, though the reason for these changes are unknown.

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