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Character History

Castle Wyvern
Castle Wyvern

While playing with a gargoyle beast with one of his rookery brothers, a young peasant boy named Tom approached Brooklyn. The boy and gargoyle chatted amiably, until the boy's mother, Mary, threw a stick at Brooklyn, calling him a beast. Brooklyn lost his temper, and he, his brother, and the gargoyle beast pretended to attack the peasants. Goliath and his mate broke up the conflict. Goliath sent the guilty gargoyles, one of their brothers, and the gargoyle beast to the rookery as punishment which saved them from the attack on the castle led by Hakon. The next night along with the surviving members of the Wyvern Clan, he participated in an attack on Hakon and his men. The Magus, thinking Princess Katharine was dead because of the gargoyles' attack, decided to cast the spell which held them all in a stone sleep for a thousand years until the Castle Wyvern was lifted above the clouds..

David Xanatos
David Xanatos

In 1994, David Xanatos broke the spell holding the survivors in stone sleep. The newly formed clan was reunited with Goliath's mate, and were tricked by Xanatos into committing crimes on his behalf. Goliath's mate revealed she was in league with Xanatos, and attacked the Manhattan clan.

Shortly after Demona betrayed her clan, she tricked Brooklyn into betraying Goliath, allowing her to cast a spell on the leader of the Manhattan clan, turning him into a mindless slave. As such, he harbors a deep hatred for her, and he is prone to attack her on sight, much to the impatience of the clan who value his calculating nature.

The Hated Demona
The Hated Demona

Brooklyn pursued a shadowy figure he thought was Demona, finding himself in a position to rescue a young mutate named Maggie the Cat, and takes a liking to her. Though initially fearful, she warmed up to him, though they never formed an intimate relationship. Brooklyn proves himself the most capable leader among the Trio, and Goliath names him as second-in-command (a post last held by Demona).

During an extended absence by Goliath, Elisa Maza and Bronx, Brooklyn took control of the clan and led them with all the masterful skill Goliath knew he had. Upon Goliath’s return from Avalon with Angela he became enveloped in a competition with Broadway and Lexington for her affections. Unfortunately for him, Angela seems to have chosen Broadway as the recipient of her affections, but this hasn't entirely stopped her flirtatious behavior toward Brooklyn.

Brooklyn has since turned his attentions to Delilah of the Labyrinth Clan, but her attentions were diverted by Goliath who took her on a date at Elisa's request. After helping fight off Thailog with his clan, Brooklyn noticed that Delilah displays no interest in him, and continued to live his life without a romantic partner, until the end of issue #12 that is, when he was swallowed by the Phoenix, traveled through time for 40 years, and was deposited 40 seconds after he left with a mate, a son, a pet gargoyle-beast, and an egg that has yet to hatch.


Physically, Brooklyn is a wiry red-colored gargoyle. He has a mane of wild white hair, an enormous beak, two long horns, and pterodactyl-like wings. At some point during his Timedancer adventures, Brooklyn will acquire a permanent injury of some sort.

However, his best asset is his keen calculating nature. For instance, he is a master tactician capable of orchestrating assaults that often leave the most formidable foes reeling. However when Demona is involved, Brooklyn's hate can completely cloud his judgment considering he is prone to attack her on sight.

Brooklyn received his name after he awakened in New York in 1994, naming himself after the borough of Brooklyn.

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