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Broderick is a federal agent and a big football fan. He admired a young Micheal Jon Carter a player with a lot of talent at Gotham University. Micheal unfortunately ruined his career gambling, and later wound steal a time sphere and become Booster Gold. Broderick was brought in to investigate the theft. Broderick became obsessed the capturing Carter. He would not call him Booster Gold even when he finds out that he became a superhero. He becomes consumed and obsessed with capturing Carter. When Cater comes back to his time as Booster Gold he is captured by the local police. Broderick goes to the station to take the case over for the federal Government.

Broderick tortures Carter and only gives him medical attention when he was ordered to do so. He tries to have Carter executed for his crimes but is unsuccessful when Carter goes back into time using a time platform. Broderick followed Carter but the platform was damaged sending him to the right year but months after Carter had already arrived. Broderick was dumbfounded by his experience and took some time getting use to the fact that he was in a past world that he hated.

Broderick was consumed with finding an executing Carter for his crime. He became even angrier when he saw a cereal commercial with Booster Gold in it. When he finally found Carter's residence he waited outside until Carter showed his face. Carter was leaving his residence with a date and without his uniform. This left him unarmed and an easy target for Broderick's laser pistol. Broderick caught Carter and was about to execute him when the both hear a gun shot at a nearby liqueur store.

Carter risks being shot at to help out. Broderick was unable to shoot Carter at least at that moment. They both help stop the crooks and Broderick is shot in the arm. He drops his gun and is left at the mercy of one of the crooks. Broderick however is saved by Carter the very man he was set to execute only moments ago.

Soon the police of the present show up. They want to take Broderick and his laser pistol in but Carter talks them out of it. Carter even gives Broderick his pistol back. Broderick turns the pistol on Carter but realizes he can't kill him and turns and walks away. He thinks for a moment about asking him for help getting back to his time but just can't bring himself to do it. So with no way to get back to his time he walks away into the night.

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