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 It’s Brightest Day time! With DC publishing a bi-weekly miniseries surely there is a powerhouse of excitement that sets up these characters for their own hit series… yeah right. What’s happening here is that DC has lost all momentum and missed its chance to give the stars of the series their own successful titles.

In each issue one of the characters gets “benched” with only a few pages to tell their story. This time it’s Martian Manhunter that’s sitting on the bench. He mind links with the dog of the family that was murdered in the last issue and what he finds shocks him! Manhunter takes the dog to live with the daughter of the scientist that brought him to Earth.

This issue actually begins with Deadman being forced to fight the Anti-Monitor. It’s amazing that he actually knows who the Anti-Monitor is, since he has never met or dealt with him before. There’s a dark sense of humor in which he struggles, as the white light instructs Deadman to fight for his life. The scene is interesting for a few pages until it becomes clear that Deadman has no idea what he’s doing and that he’s not going to learn either.

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