What's Coming in Brightest Day?

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    Back in black?
 Back in black?

DC wasn’t kidding when they said that the end of BLACKEST NIGHT was really only just the beginning. Today, their official Source blog has released a number of promos and previews pertaining to BRIGHTEST DAY that are more than a little intriguing.

The first of such mysterious images is David Finch’s cover to BRIGHTEST DAY #4, which you see in ghoulish clarity to the right. The Black Lantern Firestorm is back? How could that be after the Nekron’s defeat at the end of BLACKEST NIGHT? I get the feeling that this has to be some kind of dream or symbolic image - - it’s not like covers are always bound by law to depict what’s literally happening in the issue. The alternate cover shows Hawkman and Hawkgirl as skeletons, so “living death” is obviously going to be a theme of issue #4. But the dead being back, again, would certainly (pun intended) dredge up a lot of worms, wouldn’t it? == TEASER ==

The other previews also show, of course, the new Aqua Lad’s debut in September’s BRIGHTEST DAY ( something we found out last week from Geoff Johns.) There’s also a preview image of the Blue Lantern’s hope entity, Adara, taking possession of a new host - - a young student “destined to be a great savior.” That’s happening while the Spectre’s taking on the Red Lantern’s rage entity. I have to say, once again, that I think it's so exciting how DC's entire cosmology's been rearranged and refocussed over the past couple years. I feel like I'm finally getting the space opera I've wanted to see for so long. My question now is... what’s going to happen to the Ion now that it’s been exorcised from Sodam Yat?

There’s a lot of other BRIGHTEST DAY shenanigans going on with Cyborg Superman and Ganthet intervening in the revolt of the Alpha Lanterns in GL CORPS, Guy Gardner’s uneasy alliance with the Red Lanterns in EMERALD WARRIORS and a White Lantern-guided Martian Manhunter’s venturing into Ollie Queen’s magic forest in GREEN ARROW, along with many others. There may not be a crossover going on right now, per se, but the whole DC line is definitely fitting into a huge storyline.

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A Black Lantern Firestorm, sounds cool.

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I am so excited about this!
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Maybe some Black Lanterns still remain despite Nekron's defeat or something?

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Really enjoying Brightest Day, all sounds good to me.

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Oh god, I'm so excited about this next issue, I wonder how Ronnie Raymond will reclaim the black ring.

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I have to say, DC has been churning out 100% pure gold lately. I used to be a dedicated Marvelite, but lately the difference in quality storytelling between the two companies has been so huge that I've revoked my Marvel membership and am now strictly Club DC

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Everything I've just read has got me so excited. I'd love to follow Guy's new title. Shame it'll be a $3.99/32 pager. Actually really wanna' hear more about the new Aqualad. Love Aquaman, glad he's getting some attention.
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Um...so it's actually really Brightest Night? How about Blackest Day
I've only read the first 2 issues but Brightest Day (aka "52" ver. 2.0) is not enticing me like Blackest Night did in just it's 1st issue... it may still be early to tell, but maybe that is why DC's is brining back some of the elements that made Blackest Night what it was.
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I seem to remember something in the previous Brightest Day issue where someone was doing something with the skeletal remains of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. That cover might not be as misleading as it appears.
The new Aqualad doesn't look all that "Lad-ish". He looks more masculine then Aquaman.

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Black Lantern Firestorm can transmute living objects as opposed to regular living firestorm. so it'd be interesting to see Ronnie and Jason go up against a Black Lantern version of FS!

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DC is really knocking out of the park this time.
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This sounds pretty promising. Definitely can't wait to see this
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Huh.... It's interesting how dark Brightest Day is!

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I'm excited to see where the Hawkman Hawkgirl story is leading.

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@MrDirector786 said:
"Maybe some Black Lanterns still remain despite Nekron's defeat or something? "

That is a very strong possiblity.
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Never been a fan of Firestorm BUT Black Lantern Firestorm is such a GREAT character!  
Really happy Blackest Night wasn't the end of him (them?).  
It just goes to show that some super heroes really do make better villains.
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well they have been hinting that the resurrected 12 still have some sort of connection to their Black Lantern forms in some way so it's not inconceivable that some of them may revert back at some point

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All am excited about is green arrow, jade, green lantern, maybe black lantern firestorm and Martian man-hunter.  

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I think Black Lantern Firestorm is going to have to do with them separating and all that because Dr. Stein and the Atom said it was very dangerous and they heard something during the process.

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#20 Posted by The Cyan Lantern (276 posts) - - Show Bio

GL cover for September looks great and a promising story 

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