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Like most members of Project: Spitfire, the thug known only as Brick has a very mysterious background. So mysterious, in fact, that we haven't actually been told anything about him. A few things can be surmised about the man, however. For one thing, he is a C.I.A. spook, having been trained by them to be a first rate killer with his bare hands.

So trained, in fact, that he moves to the tune of special whistle tones, tones that are used by whoever is running an op he's involved with to push his buttons... literally! He demonstrated this capacity while performing a special job concerning Jenny Swensen, the current master of the New Universe's M.A.X. technology. You see, he was used to test her mettle, so to speak.

This was because Edmund Roth, the leader of the newly-formed Project: Spitfire, needed to test Jenny in order to see whether or not she could be coerced into giving up her tech to anybody willing to do anything to get it. As such, he sent in Brick to beat the snot out of her. He threatened her with escalating violence in a series of beatings, but Jenny never gave up her secrets.

After he cleaned her clock twice, Brick was finally defeated by Swensen, who (having recorded them) used the tones meant to stop his fighting to, well, stop him from fighting her. Roth was impressed by her stubbornness and ingenious nature, and as such, chose to let her in on his C.I.A. program meant to stifle the proliferation of M.A.X. technology throughout the globe.

However, Brick's further role in this endeavor is unknown, as he hasn't appeared since this job...

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