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Brad is a jock but seems to be more respectful of Jimmy and Courtney than Moose or Davida. He's currently trying to get over his jelously of JJ, who has become May's new crush. Brad recently started dating Heather Noble. May's rival, while the two have seem happy together. May has been very jealous of the pairing since it started at the school dance. While, it is unknown if Brad has moved on from May and is just trying to date Heather to make May jealous or if he has feelings for her, hasn't been established yet, however Brad does regret giving up on May. Even more so, its put a strain on his relationship with Heather Noble. With the truth now known to May about Heather and Jimmy's secret relationship, which Brad eventually learned about. He was about to beat Jimmy Yamma into the ground. Moose stopped him, and Brad watched as Heather left with Jimmy, leaving Brad alone. Brad has now become withdrawn and cold from his break up with Heather and is pushing everyone away from him. Following Courtney's accident, Brad made up with pretty much everyone, especially Moose and Heather. Then in a quick turn, Brad and May kissed following Courtney's recovery, leaving Brand to want and pursue a relationship, even though May wasn't sure if she really wanted to. Following the exposure of Nancy Yu as a mutant, Brand and several of his friends started leaving profane and hate induced messages for Nancy. Eventually getting a group together to "scare" Nancy in their own way. However, the Buzz and Spider-girl learning about the attack from their school idenities stopped them, leaving May shocked to learn what Brad was capable of. Now while Brad still wants May, she doesn't want him. Since then, others have left Brad out of their circle of friends due to his mutant racism. Though he is still welcomed on his sports teams with no problems.    

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