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Bud Waterston is a decent-looking guy in full hormonal bloom. He's heading for college and the imagined sexual liberation of living in a dormitory full of other post-teenagers in full hormonal bloom. But like all best-laid plans--forgive the pun--nothing goes as Bud hoped or expected. His roommate turns out to be a closeted homosexual. All the good-looking girls in the dorm are interested in somebody else, or in the case of one especially gorgeous co-ed he can't seem to stop thinking about, interested in him dead last. When he learns she's on the school baseball team, it inspires him to join the beleaguered band of misfits in an effort to prove to her she's all wrong about him. Or at least that he's not as disgusting as she thinks he is.

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Meet Bud Waterston, a decent-looking guy who happens to be in full hormonal bloom. He's also on his way to college, and drools over the sexual liberation he will no doubt face living in a coed dormitory full of hot babes. Unfortunately for Bud, things don't go exactly as planned -- he meets the girl of his dreams, who won't give him the time of day. But just because he strikes out on this first attempt doesn't mean he won't keep trying to his a home run... as long as he doesn't drop the ball!







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