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Prince David was the first in line to the throne of the European nation of Swisslakia. When their kingdom was invaded by the Nazis, he and his entire family were put in front of a firing squad. Though the rest of his family died, the prince survived, though only narrowly. His father also clung to life long enough to tell his son that the invasion had been predicted centuries earlier by Nostradamus, and had created a mechanical giant that would only have a single master, the person who activated it by screwing a bolt into it's head. He had brought the giant to Swisslakia and buried it there, leaving the giant's secret with the Swisslakian kings. Determined to fight the invaders, the Boy King reactivated the giant, slew the Nazi who had ordered his family's execution, and temporarily drove the Nazis out. Fearing the Nazis would soon return and his people would die in the reprisals, the Boy King evacuated all who wished to leave to , towing them behind the colossus as it waded across the sea.

There he planned to allow to advise him where to deploy the giant so as to best aid the war effort. Meanwhile he hung around , discovering his long lost twin brother (now a gang leader in Hell's Kitchen!) and fighting old enemies from his homeland.

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