Man, why does Wkipedia think of these things before me?

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They get to use this fancy, great looking picture of Booster Gold from the Countdown to Infinite Crisis (, while I was totally thinking the other day that I should scan it and crop it and make it Booster's main pic. Now I can't because it'd be total plagiarism.

Also, does anyone have any ideas on what I should do to Booster's page, given the recent revelation in 52? I mean, it dictates all sorts of things, since half of the page is based around his death

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I think you pretty much already write it out like a story (which I personally love, it's why I show this and a few other pages like Mr. Majestics and Age of Apocalypse off to others) so people are going to expect that you're giving out plot elements. I'd just be careful with your title headers, and be sure to give proper warning. It's not like people start reading at the end of a document, they start at the top, and if they are interested, work their way down.

A good way to write your headers is to just write them as questions?

That way people don't know one way or the other.

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Fantastic idea! I'll put a ? at the end of 52, the End of a Hero, and rephrase the whole Post-Mortem thing. Then I'll have it evolve since the story is ongoing.

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