Booster Gold-Time for a new costume?

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Booster Gold #32 (V2)
I'll admit i'm not a big fan of Booster Gold, I know next to nothing about him but one thing that I never liked about him was his costume. He's had the same costume for a while and it's kind of....Ugly. Considering he's from future i would expect him to have a cooler costume but who knows maybe people of the future like yellow and blue jumpsuits that scream 1980's retro. Recently we saw what he was going to look like on Smallville and I actually would like to see him wear a costume like that in the comics. His Smallville isn't that different from his one in the comics but It's darker which makes it a lot better and his shades are smaller. His hair is a lot shorter which is good because his haircut in the comics is really dated.
 How about a costume in the comics that looks this?
 How about a costume in the comics that looks this?
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Hmm. . . I like Booster Gold, speaking as someone who is rather new to the character, but I do agree that he need a newish haircut. And he's one of few characters who hasn't been retconned and I think that's important, and that much should be left alone. 

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the only thing i would change is shorten his hair

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@RedK said:
"the only thing i would change is shorten his hair "

I concur.
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when Dan Jurgens is writing Booster Gold it's one of DC's most awesome comic books

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What up with the "change the origin" threads I've been seeing lately? First Punisher, now Booster?

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booster is great the way he is, its part of his charm

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His costume is awesome especially new one

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Booster could use a little freshening, although given his role in the DCU, I like that he remains relatively unchanged regardless of DC continuity.

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His design doesn't really need to be brought in line with current times...he's from the future.

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I'm not very happy with the post-revamp costume. 
What's with the weird lines? It's like they changed it just enough to make it ugly.

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I kinda like his new costume. It isn't great but it probably could have been better.
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@fodigg: I agree about the new costume. If anything, the Smallville costume fits more with his Glory-Hound attitude (even if it is a put-on), and thus should work better for the mainstream Marvel continuity outfit.

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