Baby Daddy Issues

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How is Booster Gold, Michael Jon Carter, the father of Rip Hunter? How does that make sense and can someone please explain that to me?  I really want to jump into the series but timeline stuff like this confuses the hell out of me

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Well... when a mommy and daddy love each other very much... wait, this joke doesn't work in written form, dammit!

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Rip Hunter is from the future, also so is Booster... just Rip is from further in the future.

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@junkmasterzero said:
" Rip Hunter is from the future, also so is Booster... just Rip is from further in the future. "
Ta-da! Anyways, time travel is always messed up. It's best not to think about it. ^_^
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Booster and as of yet an unnamed women have a child (Rip) booster tels him never to reveal his real name to anyone or they could travel to the moment of his birth and kill him, as Rip is growing up he travels through time with his parents and is taught everything he knows by his father who is preparing him for when he is an adult and will one day have an apprentice of his own, the younger version of Booster.
 from wikipedia

Rip traveled back in time to ensure that his father would do what he needed to do in order to start the Carter family legacy of being the Time Masters. As a side-effect of his needed manipulations, however, Rip Hunter is unable, or unwilling, to reveal to Booster the details of his mission or his future legacy, and while he will ensure that the Time Masters will always remember Booster Gold as the one who trained The Greatest of them All (namely, Rip Hunter himself), and selflessly sacrificed himself to ignite their legacy, he will also act to make his father pass down the history as the black sheep of their family, inept, cowardly and bumbling. It also later reveals that Hunter is not alone on this, as Booster's future self has been watching him like a guardian angel to ensure he would become the hero he's destined to be and would survive on each mission. Rip and the older Booster occasionally would interact during the present version's mission.  

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I read a short story once where a "time masters" concept was used except every member had to be their own mother, father, and child. Time travel, sex changes, and kidnapping resulted in a person who couldn't exist, traveling across time. One of the cool things about the story was the emphasis on rank, since the next time you met someone you might be meeting their older version and higher ranked, you always had to go by rank. It was interesting. Wish I still remembered the author/title. :(

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