Anyone else concerned about Booster in the revamp?

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I saw a quote somewhere (tried to track down where, couldn't find it) that the nDCU would be closed to time travel, at least at the start, and Booster Gold was called out specifically as someone who wouldn't be able to time travel around. Well, you can't really be a time master without time travel, so I'm concerned that Booster will be getting a hard reboot and be taken down to basics. Great for new readers who don't know who he is, terrible for those of us who really enjoy his current status quo. 
Booster has been absolutely awesome since Identity Crisis/52. He's matured, risen in import, and is now a more complex, satisfying character, supposedly with his "glory days" ahead of him. Unfortunately, I'm expecting DC to take him back to square one. 
Am I alone in worrying about this?  
(Also, if anyone else could find that quote, I'd appreciate it. I thought for sure it was in one of the SDCC panels.)

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I for one do not care, though admitedly I am not a Booster Gold fan. Never cared much for him, though I can understand that the fact that he isn't a time master can be quite irritating.

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I'm pretty sure Booster won't be ruined, especially since Dan Jurgens is writing him in JLI.
With him being a part of the JLI, and him not having his own series, there's no room for time traveling.
And who knows? Maybe the no time travel thing is explained in Flashpoint?
As long as Booster isn't a money grubbing jerk, I'm good, and I don't think Jurgens would let that happen.
He's one of my favorite characters, and I hope to see him get his own series very, very soon.

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I am worried. They could deconstruct his character completely, turning Booster into self-absorbed gold-digger he was before Beetle's death and Rip Hunter recruiting him.

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I don't think he will change all that much. I think they are just going to focus on his adventures in the JLI. Without BB around he wont have anyone to feed off of.

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