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The Legion of Super-Heroes are after Booster in "Time Bridge, Chapter 1." Part 1 of 2.

In the future 2986 a time machine is found and taken to the Time Institute at Metropolis University. Circadia Senius the Chronarch of the Institute with the help of Dr. Manning find a piece of Brainiac 5's force shield belt. Things messed up because the time machine was stolen in 2462 and was buried a thousand years ago. Brainiac, Chameleon Boy and Ultra Boy go to the past to solve this mystery. The know the time machine was stolen by a Micheal Carter and they are looking for him.

In 1985 Micheal Carter arrives at earth with Skeets. He hides the time machine and travels around Metropolis to get acquainted to the ancient world. Eventually he gets a room using a credit card he stole from the future. He spends all night putting the final touches on his costume to become a superhero.

Meanwhile the 1000 hired an assassin to kill President Reagan and Vice President Bush. The assassin is named Chiller and he is a shape shifter.

The three Legionnaires get to 1985 and find Micheal's time machine. The disguise themselves and try to figure out why Micheal chose this time to come back to. They finally jump to the conclusion that

Micheal is going to kill president Reagan. Chiller on the other hand kills a secret agent and puts himself is place for the assassination the very next morning.

Also that morning Michel sets out to test out his new super suit. Everything goes well. Then he reveals that he is ready to save the president from an assassination attempt. Of course the legionnaires and Micheal think each other is the bad guy while the real villain gets away with his targets in a bullet proof limo.

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