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*He's gonna save every one of us!

Rip complains that they can't save the worlds greatest heroes because they are dealing with a fender bender. The Flash asks what that beeping is, and Rip tells him its locked on Supernova's location the Flash offers to help but Rip turns him down. But he insists and they head off to General City the Flash's hometown. The land a few years before the Flash museum is built, and the Flash says he has a strange case of deja-vu. Suddenly they are all hit with a blast of light form a time sphere, and Supernova, and Rex-Hunter step out of it. Booster asks Rip if its his relative but he says his name is actually Jason Goldstein a completely irresponsible time master who tried to change history by pushing a ten year old Lex Luthor into an oncoming train. Kid Flash asks why he is trying to destroy the Justice League and he says so he, and Supernova will be the greatest heroes the world will ever know. Kid Flash, and Flash attack them but they disappear. Rex says that they have been erased form existence, and that Batman is next. Booster begins to fight Supernova and he asks who he is under that mask Supernova says if he ever found out he would be very surprised. Just then Skeets comes to help Michale only to be stopped by Maximillion a later version of the security android. We are then brought to the house of Daniel Carter who tells Rose that he is the real Booster Gold, when she find one in his closet. We are now take to Hub City years ago where the original Blue Beetle is fighting a mummy when a time sphere light flashes and a figure tells him that in order to save the Blue Beetle he must come with him. We now flash back to where Booster and Rip are fighting. Rex is talking to Rip when Booster throws Supernova at Rex. Booster peers onto a building and says that he thinks the lighting rod is not supposed to be there, and Rip tells him to go take it down. Just then Supernova shoots Booster in the arm. Rip sends a message to Skeets who is fighting Maximillion to help Booster take the rod down but Skeets tells him its easier said than done. Rip takes off his coat, and punches Rex he tells him that his ass is his. Booster and Supernova are still fighting when Booster grabs Supernova's mask and discovers that it is his dad. Rip is beating up Rex when Rex starts to win but when he mentions Rip's girlfriend Bonnie Rip lays him out. Booster and his dad are talking Supernova offers him guidance but Booster refuses and flies towards the pole but his dad grabs his foot. Just then Skeets flies into Booster's dad only to be shot at by Maximillion but leaving just enough time for Booster to grab the lighting rod. Supernova insults Booster and Booster throws him into lighting where he is sent back in time and we see Barry Allen become the Flash. Kid Flash, and The Flash reappear and Booster demands that they go rescue Blue Beetle Rip says that fist he must rescue the woman Ted Kord loved Bat Girl!

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