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It's back to the future for Booster & friends in “The Tomorrow Run.“ Part 1 of 3, continued next issue.

Booster is dying in a hospital bed but not because of the injuries he suffered bringing down the Director and the 1000. Booster is dying from some kind of virus. No one is sure if he brought back a mutated virus from the future or if he is being effected by a virus from the present. The only answer however is to go back to his time to find a cure.

Booster is almost killed before he even leaves his hospital bed. Pushed around by an anti-superhero sentiment Booster even gets a lecture from his nurse Devlin. She chastises him for being a showboat and blames him for supervillains. After she leave an angry mob breaks into his room. Threatening to kill him. Luckily for Booster, Jack Soo has a new costume that for Trixie Collins that will give her the powers she needs to save Boosters life. She enters the room just before Booster is shot by one of the mob. Saving Booster they escape out the window.

After Booster's escape he and his friends embark on a mission to the future. Jack Soo knows a man he went to MIT with and he believes he can help Booster get back to his time. Well of course Jack's friend is none other than Rip Hunter. Rip has been working on a time machine and as it turns out it is the same one Booster had stolen from the future. All of this back story leads Booster to tell Jack, Trixie, Rip and Dirk Davis his true origin. No one is able to say anything. They just realize that no matter your superpower your still just a human being.

After they get to Rip's they make a few weeks to the time machine and they are off They arrive in Gotham City in the year 2462. The Time machine suffers some problems in the travel and needs to be repaired. Booster takes this time to visit his sister and mother only to find out that they have been evicted from their slum apartment.

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