Boom! Studios Announces New Imprint

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Boom! Studios is continuing its plans on becoming a bigger presence in the comic book industry.  Today, they have announced that they will be launching a new imprint.  BOOM! Town will be the "home for high quality, lit-oriented comix."  Other than that, we're just told that they're going to be doing "some cool stuff."  
Hopefully this announcement means that Boom! and the comic industry are doing well.  You might be aware that I am a fan of the comics that Boom! Studios and Boom! Kids have been putting out.  I'm not sure what the "high quality, lit-oriented" books will consist of.  Some more info can be found here.  Apparently it will be "an outlet for projects the two deem worthy but that don't fit with the other books on the Boom! list."
What do you think of this announcement?  What kind of comics do think we'll see from this imprint?
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I love Boom! so I'll give the new imprint a shot

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NOLA is great! I wish them the best!

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Yes, the studio has really hit a BOOM...... Sorry.
The certainly do hit their audience well enough with the variety they offer.

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All I "read" from BOOM Was Wall-E #00...
So I have no actually excitement for this!

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@sora_thekey:  you should definitely check out some Boom! stuff like Irredeemable, Incorruptible, The Unknown, and The Remnant....they're all great books
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sweet but there symbol reminds me of defiant

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@sora_thekey: There's also The Anchor, all the Muppets comics, the Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge comics, Samuel L. Jackson's upcoming comic...
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Wow the new imprint looks amazing,I always gave BOOM a chance,now my beliving in them gave me/and them this.GO BOOM!!

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I don't know about this new imprint but I'll give it chance.

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Finally a New Rival
Dark Hoarse
 welcomes U BOOM!

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