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Bonita was one of the first members of the Posse where she willingly used her powers to help "gifted" people to hide from the law and the underworld notably La Dama. Along the way she became romantically involved with Posse member Damper and became pregnant of his child.

Major Story Arcs


For more information see: Shellshocked

When Probe is mentally attacked by Jaime Reyes Bonita is one of the Posse members that hunt him down for some payback. Knowing that magical powers can be unpredictable at times Bonita uses her powers on Jaime only to have her arm broken as Jaime's Scarab forced him to power up and escaped from sight. Jaime isn't seen for a whole year thereafter.

One year later, little is known of her activity in the missing year expect that she gave birth to a daughter which she named Alina. When the Posse have Jaime at their base Alina is captured by Bottom Feeder. Bonita blames Jamie and in her rage Bonita overloads the Posse with unwanted emotions. Jaime manages to save Alina by discovering he can track DNA signatures. After that a small group of the Posse uses Jamie's new power to locate and rescue Probe, Bonita stayed behind .

Reach for the Stars

Alina is kidnapped by Eclipso.

End Game

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