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So I recently heard that one of my favorite Graphic Novel series is planning on becoming three movies

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All I have to say to that is, "Please God, don't let them screw this up!!!" With the recent trend of every single animated film being CGI this movie needs to stand out and go back to the roots of animation and be done in the traditional hand drawn style. Not only would that mean that the book and the movie look alike in almost every way, but I noticed that the Bone characters look great flat and 2-Dimensional, but not so good 3-Dimensional....this proves my point...
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You can't say that doesn't look horrible....sure the animated movie would be more smooth and textured but it's not those problems that make these characters look ugly, it's the design. It's obvious that no matter what, this movie NEEDS to be done in the traditional hand drawn style.
But I'm not here to rant about this movie, I'm here because I'm going to give you readers my casting ideas for all the main characters in the series. Why did I rant about it needing to be animated? Well mainly because that plays an important part in casting, your not looking for looks your looking for sounds. So it's not "who looks like Fone Bone?" it's "who talks like Fone Bone should?". 
You'll also noticed that almost all my casting decisions are popular voice actors, why? Well mainly because they have experence bring fictional flat characters to live and making them sound authentic. So with out further hesitation......  



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James Arnold Taylor is a famous voice actor, you may know him as the voice of Harry Osborn in the television series Spectacular Spider Man.  That voice right there is perfect for Fone Bone, it's childish but can also be mature in points. Go and listen to any of the episodes with Harry Osborn while looking at this'll see why I picked him. 
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Another famous voice actor, you may remember him as Raphael in TMNT. However that's not the voice I think of and think of Phoney Bone. I think of the voice he used in Hulk Vs Wolverine as Deadpool. Cut out the constant joking and make that voice more serious and you got Phoney's voice, go and watch the short film and listen when Deadpool is talking, and make that voice more serious...... you'll see why I picked him. 
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When you guys hear Rob Paulson you may think Pinky from Pinky and the Brain....and I do too. Pinky and Smiley are a lot alike except Smiley is a little more smarter then Pinky. However the Pinky voice isn't the voice I hear when I think of Smiley....I think of the voice of Fowlmouth from Tiny Toons. Seriously make that voice a little more mature and you got Smiley Bone. So go on youtube or whatever, and watch an episode of Tiny Toon's with Fowlmouth and listen'll see why I picked him. 
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Okay this is the only time I posted a actress that looks like the character she's portraying. Mainly because since Thorn is human you can pick someone who looks like her. Michelle Trachtenberg looks a lot like her and she's slowly getting into voice acting so that's a bonus as well. Also the movie need at least one actor or actress that regular movie going audience are familiar with. 
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The Warner sister Dot may come to mind when you think Tress Macneille, however Tress Macneille did the voice of a crazy old lady disguised as an innocent old lady called Hama in the show Avatar the Last Airbender. In the beginning of that episode Hama looks so innocent and talks like an innocent old lady and that voice is the voice I think of when I think of Grandma Ben. She may appear old and fragile, but she is one of the most toughest people in the series and I think Tress could sell me on that personality. 
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Who wouldn't want to hear Jame's deep basso voice as the great Red Dragon? Think Mufasa from The Lion King, those characters are very simillar. Both are giant ass kickers, both are powerful beings who are feared by a lot of people, and both act like protectors to the main character. However unlike Mufasa, the Great Red Dragon doesn't die at the beginning of the series. Go watch any scene with Mufasa from The Lion King and you'll see why I picked him. 
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Hellboy's voice is perfect for the giant mountain lion who only wishes to join whatever side of the war is winning, but also staying out of the war as much as possible. Go watch the animated Hellboy series and you'll see how perfect a match Ron Perlman is for this role. Heck look at the picture in the link I put up....he even looks like a deadly mountain lion. 

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Kingdok Smash!!!! Seriously though, Fred has a knack for playing powerful characters who aren't the brightest characters in the book. While Kingdok isn't completely stupid he is powerful. He's the voice of the Hulk in almost every Marvel animated movie and voiced Beast in Wolverine and the X-men. Find a way to mix those voices together into one and you have Kingdok.
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Hold the phone and the Mayo, I thought Tress was going to play Grandma Ben? Well why can't she play both? Again I'll say the episode she appeared in Avatar the Last Airbender where she played Hama. While an innocent old lady in the first half in the last half she played a psycho nutcase. Her voices almost change in a small way, in the first half Hama sounds old and frail and could break any minute...while in the last half he voice sounds like a power craving straight jacket model. That's what the hooded one is, a power craving old woman. Go and watch the last half of that episode and listen to Hama's voice when she goes crazy and you'll see why she's perfect for the hooded one. 
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Steve is most famously known for playing Wolverine in Hulk vs Wolverine and Wolverine and the X-men. The voice for Wolverine is almost perfect for Lucius Down, although Steve may have to make Wolverine sound more like Old Man Logan should since Lucius is an old man. The Entire time I read the book I pictured Lucius with a raspy Clint Eastwood type voice, and Steve can provide that. 
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  What Rob again? Well I'm sorry but when I think of Ted I think of him having a country accent and Rob is great at doing characters with country accents. I think that Yakko from Animaniacs would be the perfect voice for Ted. So go on youtube and look up any episode of Animaniacs that has the Warner Brothers and listen to Yakko's voice and try and tell me that isn't the perfect voice for the lovable bug named Ted. 
Sorry no picture for this guy since the book never shows the Lord of the Locust since the Lord is only a spirit and therefore has no body. But anyway yes Ron Perlman again....I'm beginning to see a pattern here again, don't you? Seriously though Ron would make a great and creepy Lord of the Locust. I remember watching an episode of The Batman called Rumors and in it he plays a villain called Rumor. The voice of rumor is so flat and emotionless that it would be perfect for the Lord of the Locust. Check out the episode, listen to Rumor's voice, you get the idea already....
Finally we've hit our last two main characters...

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  In the book there are two rat creatures who occasionally the butt of joke in the series, they are the Laurel and Hardy or the series. One is the bossy blue one (Nolan) and the other is the incompetent annoying brown one (James). Just imagine Nolan using his Raphael from TMNT voice for the Blue one, and Jame's using his Leonardo from TMNT voice for the brown one. It's practically a comedic match made in heaven. It could work....go watch TMNT and listen to both of those voice and you'll see why I picked them.
WHEW, what a list.....I hope anyone who reads this likes it. Also feel free to post your casting decisions for some of your favorite characters in the series below in the comments.
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A first I didn't think James Earl Jones would be good for the Red Dragon. But then I thought about it and absolutely.

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@EisforExtinction: I know eh? I was iffy about it at first but after reading the series again and imagining the dragons voice with a Darth Vader quality to it, I said to myself "Perfect fit"
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Some of the actors you picked I actually agree with you on, but what do you think of my version?


Fone Bone - James Franco

Smiley Bone - Jim Carrey

Phoney Bone - Ben Foster

Thorn Harvestar or Harvester - Rhona Mitra

Gran'ma Ben - Helen Mirren

Lucius Down - Gerard Butler

The Great Red Dragon - Sam Elliot or James Earl Jones

The Hooded One - Maggie Smith or Tress Macneille (I think Maggie Smith could manage to have a very weak yet demonic evil old woman's voice)

The Lord of the Locusts - Clancy Brown (dude sounds demonic as HELL when it comes to voicing)


Jonathan Oaks - Tobey Maguire

Wendell - Gary Sinise

Euclid - Jim Cummings

Ted - Sacha Baron Cohen (you should see what Ted looks like up close LOL)

Miss Possum - Elissa Knight

The Possum Kids - Alexander Gould

Kingdok - Hugo Weaving

The Two Stupid Rat Creatures - Jeff Bennett and Ben Burtt

Rock Jaw - Rob Paulson or Christopher Lee

Roderick the Raccoon - Bradley Steven Perry

Venu Headmaster - Liam Neeson

Tarsil - David O'Hara

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