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Act III launches with an all-new 48-page extravaganza featuring covers by Jeff Smith, Alex Ross, and Frank Miller! "Ghost Circles" is the beginning of the third and final act of Bone, and picks up the story from the dynamic cliffhanger at the end of issue #37, which revealed the identity of the mysterious Hooded One as well as why everyone was after the "One Who Bears The Star." The end of Bone Act II created a storm of speculation. Everyone wanted to know "Is Thorn the new Hooded One?"

At the besieged fortress of Old Man's Cave, the Headmaster of the Veni Yan summons Wendell, the village tinsmith and explains how he believes the current unrest is not due to the Bones. He shows a medallion bearing the Harvestar family crest; a crown with a star above it. Thorn, he explains, may in fact be the "one who bears the star" The Hooded One has been seeking. Just then, the mountain erupts as the Lord of the Locusts stirs beneath it. The armies massed outside the fortress begin their attack.

At this moment, the Lord of the Locust resurects his servant Briar, and sends her off to "seek out our missing powers and return them to us"

The Bones, Thorn and Gran'ma Ben flee the collapsing mountain. Fone Bone leads them to the tunnel he used to escape from Roque Ja. As they descend through the tunnel, Fone warns everyone that they will probably start hallucinating again, just as they did the last time they passed through there. Sure enough, Fone and Phoney become Ishmael and Captain Ahab from Fone's favorite book, Moby-Dick. They stagger on to the tunnel exit and find the valley on the other side turned into a wasteland, covered in ash and every tree flattened.

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