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Bombie the Zombie is a zombified member of the Voodoo tribe of Africa. Scrooge McDuck used an army of cutthroats to drive the tribe off their lands, claiming them for himself and building a diamond mine there. Foola Zoola, the dominant sorcerer of the tribe, send Bombie after Scrooge. Besides being superhumanly strong and able to strangle Scrooge, the zombie transported an unspecified curse. But it was slow-moving and even more slow-witted. It tracked Scrooge everywhere but slight alterations in his appearance prevented it for recognizing its prey upon contact. It followed Scrooge from 1879 (retconned to 1909) to 1949 when it arrived at Duckburg. Again failing to recognize an Scrooge, the zombie delivered the curse to the person most similar in appearance to the youthful Scott it had started chasing: Donald Duck.

The curse had evaporated by then and Donald was safe of its effects. The zombie having completed its mission was left lost in Duckburg until Huey, Louie and Dewey took pitty of it. They traveled with their uncle to Africa in search of Foola Zoola, returning the "pet" to its master.

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