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Blowtorch was hired by the landlord of the Roscoe Building in New York to burn the place down, so he can collect insurance.  Since it was already considered a firetrap, nobody was surprised when the buildings caught fire.

Spider-Man, just swinging by as the flame started, arrived on the scene to help the firefighters.  Entering the building, he helped a firefighter break down a door, only to find Blowtorch torching the place.  As the building begins to crumble on itself, Spider-Man had to be saved by Jerry when some of the building fell on him, giving Blowtorch enough time to escape.   Not getting too far, Blowtorch saw Spider-Man coming at him and prepared to open fire with his flamethrower, but Spider-Man webbed it up.  Blowtorch attempted to simply burn the webbing off, but the flamethrower exploded in his hand, giving Spider-Man enough time to web up Blowtorch's hand and punch him.  Spider-Man dragged Blowtorch out of the building, as it became nothing more than a flaming crater behind them.

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