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The action-packed new series heats up as Etrigan is no longer under Jason Blood's control! Now he's on a rampage, using his supernatural powers to wreak vengeance on everything from mystical forces to mere muggers…and the sheer diabolical force with which he goes after them will shock you!

Etrigan's newfound ferocity makes him take on a foe ten times as powerful than he is.

Gotham City, Present Day -- Merlin's spell over Etrigan has finally been broken, and Etrigan seems to have complete control over his own body. He attempt to fight a Elder God but the god is too powerful and launches the demon through several building, seemingly killing him. By the time Sandra and the Gotham City Police show up Etrigan has been pronounced dead, but he springs to life and attacks the officers. Sandra put several rounds into him and he spares her life but breaths fire on the others, seemly killing them.

Etrigan escapes and witnesses a woman being attacked by two thugs. He wants to sit back and watch but somehow Jason is still trapped inside the demon, he can't control Etrigan but he can cause him pain. In this way he forces Etrigan to save the women, but Etrigan does it his way by using great force and brutality. Jason then forces Etrigan back to where he battled the Elder God but it and its followers are gone. Etrigan uses his sense of smell to track them to the docks and attacks them even though Jason tries to stop him.

Meanwhile back where Etrigan was pronounced dead the police officers that he breathed on come back to life and Sandra is confused until Batman steps in and explains that he will figure out whats going on.

Back at the docks Etrigan quickly and brutaly kills the demon lackeys and comes face to face with their leader. He has a woman hostage and when he sees that Etrigan hesitates he realizes Jason still has some control and feels the Etrigan is useless to him. He escapes but as Etrigan chases after he is stopped by Batman.







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