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Fred J. Dukes was born in Lubbock, Texas. He joined a circus sideshow, using his abilities under the stage name "Blob". Professor X sensed his mutant power and sent out his students to locate Dukes. Fred was initially uninterested in the X-Men until he saw Jean Grey. He agreed to go along with them in order to spend time with her. After a battery of tests, Professor X determined that the Blob truly was a mutant and extended him an invitation become an X-Man. The rest of the team disliked the Blob's obnoxious attitude. Dukes refused to join, claiming he was better and stronger than than the entire team. As he tried to leave, the X-Men attempted to restrain him so Professor X could erase the Blob's knowledge of their secret identities. Despite their efforts, the Blob managed to escape.


The Blob was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963. He made his first appearance in the beginning of 1964.

Character Evolution

The Blob began as a large mutant who was almost immovable. His size gradually increased over the years, growing from the height of a normal man to a towering giant. When Onslaught augmented the Blob's powers, he got even bigger. After M-Day, the Blob lost his powers and shrunk to the size and weight of a normal man, though with a huge quantity of excess skin. Since then he has lost the excess skin and has become a weight loss guru in Japan though he was also seen with the High Evolutionary and Magneto recently. Just recently what appears to be a heavily gigantic mutated clone of the Blob has appeared in the mini-series Magneto: Not a Hero.

Major Story Arcs


Fred Dukes had always believed himself to be stronger than most other men, but after meeting the X-Men, he knew the true source of his abilities. He was determined not to let anyone else tell him what to do. Returning to the circus, he demanded that the other performers follow his lead. The Blob and his followers raided the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning and tried to take over. The circus performers were able to subdue the X-Men. Alone in the mansion, Xavier perfected a device that would amplify his abilities to control the entire crowd. He mentally instructed Marvel Girl to free the other X-Men, and they were able to get the drop on the Blob. He and the rest of the circus people were stopped by the X-Men and all of their memories of their encounter with the X-Men were erased. Blob and the other performers went back to their dull lives, none having any recollection of the events that transpired. Despite having removed the Blob's memories, Professor Xavier knew that one day the Blob may regain his memories of the X-Men and become a danger to the world once again.

Among the Brotherhood

Meeting Magneto
Meeting Magneto

It wouldn’t be long before the X-men found themselves going against Dukes once again and continue as a permanent X-men villain. Quickly finding himself recruited within Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Dukes would have a career of being a valuable and an expendable member within many incarnations of the Brotherhood. Also joining other groups such as the Factor Three and holding alliances with other mutant villains as well. Even though that Dukes would find himself constantly being used and betrayed, he would befriend with another gravity related mutant known as Unus The Untouchable. Dukes led many attempts on trying to destroy the X-men and even attempting on framing them for crimes that they never committed. Even though Dukes has found himself being recruited into several groups and held many alliances throughout his career, Unus was the only trusted friend that Dukes had in his recorded history. After several unsuccessful attempts against the heroic mutant team, Blob once again found himself teaming alongside Magneto despite his recent betrayal. Partaking Magneto's plan on taking over the world by controlling Alpha the Ultimate Mutant’s unlimited power, this plan eventually backfired when Alpha turned against the Brotherhood turning the members into infancy.

Death of Unus


After being restored to normal, Dukes found himself not only joining the ranks of another and more successful incarnation, but also going against other heroes and villains as well within the Marvel Universe. Among the Brotherhood, Dukes decided to take on a couple hero teams such Champions of Los Angeles and the Defenders before joining Mystique's newest incarnation of the Brotherhood. Partaking in a detailed plan to assassinate Senator Kelly, the Brotherhood found themselves going against X-men. Almost successful with their mission, they met once again met defeat from the mutant hero team. Teaming up with his trusted friend once again when going against the Hulk, Dukes found himself in grief when witnessing Unus die from his own uncontrolled powers. Angered and heavily depressed that the only trusted friend he had died, Dukes went on a rampage through the city in a fit of grief-stricken rage. Instantly gaining the attention of Spiderman and Black Cat, Dukes ceased his mindless rampage and peacefully gave himself to the authorities.

Freedom Force

A government agent
A government agent

Probably one of the interesting highlights within Dukes career was when he joined Mystique's government operated team known as the Freedom Force. Agreeing to work with the group for a full pardoned for all the crimes that he has committed, Dukes became a federal agent that was meant to capture and imprison mutants or super powered threats. Seeing that this team consisted of the original Brotherhood members, their loyalty was tested when given the mission to capture and bring in their founder, Magneto. Even though he was participating in a remembrance ceremony for the Holocaust, the Freedom Force continued with their mission caring less of the current situation or place. Going against the X-men who were also on the scene, Magneto halted the fighting by giving himself up so that there wouldn’t be anymore disgrace for the ceremony’s interruption. With their first mission a success, Freedom Force continued their destructive missions by attempting to arrest the X-men and other numerous mutants under the orders of the government. Even the team found themselves attempting to arrest the Avengers for a crime that they didn’t commit. Even though that this team displayed good intentions for the government, the Freedom Force still found themselves going against several teams of X-men, mutants, and heroes within the Marvel Universe.

It wouldn’t be long until this group took a serious damaging blow. On a mission in the Middle East, the Freedom Force found themselves in a violent clash with the Arabic team known as Desert Sword. Defeated and taken prisoner along with Pyro, Blob was forced to serve under the command of the Iraqi commander as his personal security guard. This was the last mission that the Freedom Force participated and found itself disbanded when the government replaced Freedom Force with another mutant team known as X-Factor.

Unsuccessful Career

Versus Strong Guy
Versus Strong Guy

Seeking the opportunity to gain respect and revenge, fellow Brotherhood member Toad arranged the release of Dukes and Pyro so that they would join his reinvented Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Even though that this version of the Brotherhood contained a powerful cast of mutants, sadly it didn’t fair any better than the recent Brotherhoods. Constantly the Brotherhood met defeat by the X-men teams X-Force and X-Factor. Even the Brotherhood found themselves expanding their status that met with the same results when going against other heroes such as Spiderman, Sleepwalker, and Darkhawk. What’s probably the most challenging fight and major defeat that Dukes has ever faced was when he found himself going against the X-Factor member, Strong Guy. After Toads unsuccessful team disbanded, Dukes career, as a villain didn’t fare much better as he started to find himself being turned down membership with other villainous groups and new incarnations of a Brotherhood. From one difficulty to another, Pryo became infected with the deadly Legacy Virus, Dukes and other Brotherhood members tried to have Empryean possibly cure him. Yet, Blob and the Brotherhood found themselves being duped and manipulated into doing Empryean's bidding.

Augmented powers
Augmented powers

When Onslaught was created, Dukes was encountered by the being who was seeking to recruit him during his takeover attempt. Augmenting Dukes' powers for his servitude, he was now more formidable and dangerous than before. Teaming up with Mimic who also was serving with Onslaught and gained augmented powers, Dukes would find himself facing defeat when he battled all the women within the X-men. After Onslaught's defeat, both Dukes' and Mimic's increased powers went back to normal.

A complete change for the worst and the better

Depowered and droopy
Depowered and droopy

With an entire career of finding no success and no respect, Dukes hardly cared as he still continued on with his non-directed goals as a lackey or a muscled henchman. Forming in another short-term Brotherhood that was ironically led by Charles Xavier, Dukes still continued with no success. From facing defeat against Spiderman all the way to being labeled as useless when trying to join Exodus’s newest formation of the Brotherhood, nothing would be more damaging towards Dukes when he was one of 90% of the mutant population that lost their powers after M-Day. With great amounts of sagging skin and no sign of any powers, Dukes quickly went into depression and tried to commit suicide. Yet, that went unsuccessful seeing how his skin was so thick that he couldn’t cut his own throat. With no powers, Dukes tried to make the best out of his situation when joining a team of former mutants as an attempt on regaining his powers through artificial means. Still continuing to gain the attention from the wrong side of the law, Dukes somehow managed to lose all his excessive skin and found a career working with Kingo Sunen as a weight loss instructor and a major movie star. Last seen alongside with Magneto and still depowered (supposedly), it’s unclear when or how Blob would regain his original powers and continue his career as a major villain for the X-men.

Dukes showed himself as part of the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lead by Joseph and Astra, he appears as a bold giant brute attacking Magneto, it was revealed this Blob was actually a clone.


Blob is later on Madripoor working for Mystique. Blob is now hooked on Mutant Growth hormone in order to get his mutant powers back.



It’s quite obvious that Dukes has always been shown with a great sense of pride and dependency with himself. Obese, rude, abnormal, grotesque, and any other negative traits are no mystery with Dukes. Fully aware of his status, Blob presents himself as a man who’s instantly self-judged as being more dominant. With his massive size and unpredictable powers, Dukes has a habit of trying to tower over his opponents. When in reality, he’s hardly the rampaging intimidating monster that he tries so hard to be. If you notice throughout his entire career, Dukes has shown a dependency for others who mostly seen as abnormal like himself. With the X-men, possibly because of their positive views, he sees them as individuals who are perfect, who never went through life as difficult as he did. It’s without a doubt that Dukes went through a great portion of his young life as a victim. Probably not for being a mutant, but possibly for his obese appearance.


Unlike Magneto, Dukes rarely shows any sign or interest with Magnetos views and goals for mutant domination. Simply accepting group invitations due to the fact that he can relate to other mutants who are seen as social outcasts because of their looks, Dukes is convinced that he can find his purpose in life by joining the wrong crowd because of this fabricated delusion of what’s defined as perfection and what’s also defined as abnormal. Even though Dukes has found himself defining the term “brotherhood” within the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, sadly most of the other members doesn’t share the same moral values. More than once, Dukes has found himself betrayed and more than once Dukes has found himself replace among the wrong crowd. Even though Dukes follows the wrong crowd, underneath his tough exterior, Dukes is seen as a man who cares for whom he calls a friends or team mate and would do anything to ensure their safety and well-being.Dukes may be one of the most dangerous villains for the X-men, but in reality he’s just a misguided person who has more potential for good than his fellow team mates or most of who he calls his allies and friends.

Powers and Abilities

Before being dempowered; The Blob was a Gamma-Level mutant whose mutant physiology granted him powers that are related to the mass, strength, stamina, endurance, resilience and indestructibility of his obese body. However the full extent of his powers were still not fully known; however Onslaught did teach the Blob the mass-controlling, quasi shapeshifting aspects of his powers. The Blob did however gain his powers back with the use of a drug called Mutant Growth Hormone or MGH.

What makes Dukes unique is his display of mutant abilities. Displaying all of his powers, strength, resistance, and abilities revolve around his abnormal obese physique. Till this day the full extent of his powers are fully not known. Dukes is one of the mutants who displays a mutant ability that causes him to be unpredictable. Easily mistaken as an overweight man, Dukes is hardly as slow as he’s easily predicted. In a way, Dukes does gain a somewhat advantage over his opponents with his deceiving ability and his sheer size and intimidating personality Dukes’ main ability is the control of the gravity around him, meaning that he has the mental will to increase the gravity at a short radius that extends 5 feet at most. Due to this ability, even the strongest individuals within the Marvel Universe have had difficulty moving Dukes. When Dukes concentrates at a certain degree, he becomes nearly attached to ground beneath him. However, upon losing concentration, Dukes can be lifted by his natural weight. Even though there are claims that Blob is immovable, there are very few within the Marvel Universe that has proven that claim wrong. Mostly with Dukes fight against the X-Factor member known as Strong Guy, who managed to lift Dukes fully above his head. Another disadvantage that this ability serves is that the normal size of Dukes body balances his gravitational pull. Meaning that if he were to shrink to a smaller size, his body would be forced to sink into the ground below him until normal gravity is found to support his current weight.


The endurance, control, and pain threshold that Dukes massive physique can take is another unique trait that Dukes has. The fat tissue throughout his entire body has a unique resistance against projectiles and impact blows. Capable of absorbing impact despite how much pounds are going against him, Dukes could easily absorb and capture the projectile with his body and disperse it at half speed with a flex of his muscle. Meaning that if a cannonball were shot at him, it would be embedded within his body and at will he could cause the cannonball to be recoiled at half speed.

Even when capturing any form of projectile with his flesh (mostly around the torso area), Dukes has the control of holding the object for a desired amount of time and releasing it with or without recoil pressure. Meaning that if he was punched in the body, he could not only absorb the impact, but also capture and entrap the fist with his body for however long he desires, basically trapping the opponent. With full concentration, Dukes could either release the opponent at will or recoil the punch, literally throwing the opponent off at a powerful distance. But it takes Dukes full concentration and focus to trap and object or individual, and if he were focusing on something else or disrupted by an attack from another, he would lose muscle control and release whatever he’s holding with his body. Dukes usually relies on his strength but for some defensive cases he often uses his large stomach for deflection.

Dukes’ skin is another uniqueness; a major reason on why he’s nearly indestructible is the properties within his epidermis. Dukes’ skin cannot cut, punctured, frostbitten, nor damaged by any form of skin disease. Elastic and extremely tough, Dukes epidermis has an abnormal accelerating rate to where his skin cells could quickly grow and be replaced. However, even though Dukes body is resistant towards fire, he has shown to be vulnerable towards burning elements. Another limitation that Dukes has is that his facial parts don’t share the same durability as the rest of his body, and possibly his inner body as well.

Most of Dukes powers and mutant ability normally derives from his mental control and concentration, which is also another vulnerability seeing that he could lose concentration and he would revert to his normal weight (which is 510 pounds) but he is estimated to be 1,500 or 2,000 pounds. The full extant and force of impact that Dukes body can withstand isn’t fully known nor understood and because of this he may have been one of the most powerful mutants within the Marvel Universe.


Another unpredictable trait that Dukes has is the amount of stamina, speed, and fighting skills he has with his oversize body. Unlike any natural overweight man, Dukes has the same amount speed and endurance as an average well-fit man. Barely showing any signs of tiredness or fatigue, this unpredictable trait is another advantage that Dukes has over his opponents. When it comes to hand to hand combat, Dukes has found a self-taught fighting skill by using his brute size, intimidation, and his mutant ability. Most of the time, Dukes usually launches his entire body at a designated target, causing a massive effect. When it comes to close combat, Dukes naturally does one of two, by either overpowering the opponent with his massive size or entrapping them with his body. Without the use of his mutant ability and sheer size, Dukes naturally has basic street fighting skills. Dukes can lift a maximum of about 75 tons.

Alternate Versions

Earth295: Age of Apocalypse

One of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Famine.
One of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, Famine.

In this alternate reality known as the Age of Apocalypse, Blob was kept in Beast's Breeding Pens, where he was a guinea pig for McCoy's experiments. In searching for a reason for a pointless mutation, as the Beast put it, the Blob broke free of his restraints and attacked his captor. Lucky for the Beast, Havok, one of the Elite Mutant Force, showed up and blasted the Blob. This was not enough, though, as Dukes continued to charge. Finally, Cyclops stepped in and unleashed an optic blast into the Blob, killing him.

He is later seen alive and mind-controlled by Mr. Sinister and part of his own version of the Sinister Six. Quicksilver tried to punch him several times, but he didn't even moved by his punches. It wasn't until Rogue punched him with enough power to make him fall down. After their defeat, Blob was released from his mind-control by Psylocke.

Blob has the same mutant powers as in the regular Marvel 616 universe, but was later modified by Dark Beast so that he was able to project his gravitational field outward. With this powers, he was able to sweep the entire X-Men off their feet.

Black Legion
Black Legion

This version of blob then made a crossover to Deadpool and Cable. In Deadpool's search for Cable,as he travels via realities, he encountered Blob who had taken the mantle of a horseman named Famine and became the leader of the Black Legion squad serving as personal bodyguards of new Apocalypse (aka Weapon X). He was seen during X-Force´s travel to Age of Apocalypse ten years after Apocalypse´s fallen. He was in command of the Black legion, a group of hybrid supermutants with the responsibility of take custody of Gateway. During the battle he chopped off one of Wildchild´s arm with a bite but later is defeated by Psylocke who controlled and made him to fall from three miles from sky. For unknown reasons Dukes of AoA appeared on Earth 616 and took revenge on Psylocke. Then he fell over and crushed Fantomex meanwhile Deadpool attacked him with guns and finally stabbed his tongue with a sword. When he was about to eat Wade appeared Famine drumming prompting that Dukes rendered down and died.

Later X-Force returns to the Age of Apocalypse Universe chasing Dark Beast, who is searching for the Life Seed to cure Archangel from becoming Apocalypse, in the process Blob escapes to the Earth 616 and Dark Nightcrawler joins X-Force to hunt down Blob because he ate his wife. At the end of the Final Execution Arc, Dark Nightcrawler finds Blob and tries to slice him with his swords, but his fat skin doesn't let to cut, he is tossed in an aquarium and finds a shark, Dark Nightcrawler teleports the shark into his entrails and he is seen vomiting blood from the internal bleeding, and dies.

Earth-1610: Ultimate

Cannibal Blob
Cannibal Blob

A very weird and much more disturbing version of the Blob is the Blob from the Ultimate Universe. Almost exactly like the Blob from Earth-616, this version goes by the name known as Franklin. Much like the mainstream Blob, this version had his origins based as circus performer. However, this version has fathered two kids while he was working in the circus; one is Liz Allen and the second is Teddy Allen. This version of the Blob instantly found himself joining the Brotherhood of Mutant Supremacy and went against the likes of the X-Men and other certain heroes as well. However this Blob was found far more disturbing and threatening than the mainstream. With a serious habit of consuming great amounts of food and objects, it’s possible that his powers derive from his constant eating habits. At first he threatened his enemies with using cannibalism until it was a known fact that this Blob was in fact a cannibal when he found eating Wasp.

One devious moment that this Blob was responsible for was when he cyber-seduced the Beast into a staged date. Pretending to be a seductive female, Blob went by the name Naomi. By doing this, Blob managed to get some very valuable information about Magneto's status and an advantage to take out the Beast. However, this version of the Blob met his horrible demise when Wasps ex-husband Hank Pym avenged her death by biting the Blobs head off.

Earth-85163: House of M

House of M
House of M

This version of the Blob was one of the many mutants who was placed into a camp when Bolivar Trask rose to power. Freed by Magneto, he took the name Blob and followed Magnetos mutant group and to join his cause. More of a soldier than a villain, this version of the Blob has been seen by other mutant groups like the Black Ops version of the Marauders and an NYPD strike team called the Brotherhood.

Earth-1028: Assassins in Love?


In this reality, Blob quit the Brotherhood and got success in the Super Sumo Federation. He quickly became the undefeated champion and then retired. After

retiring, he was sometimes hired to protect big name clients from assassination attempts. On a certain job he had to fight Mystique who was trying to kill his boss. During the fight they fell in love. Now they are duo assassins for hire.

Earth-2149: Marvel Zombies

In the Marvel Zombiverse, Blob is one of few remaining mutants to be not infected by the zombie plague. He is seen alongside Toad and Pyro being chased down by other zombie super-beings. He is next seen as a zombie with the zombie version of the Freedom Force.

Earth-4011: Wolverine: The End

Years in the future, Blob is seen attending Sabretooth's funeral.

What If? Featuring The X-Men # 1 - What If Xavier's Second Team Had Survived?

In this reality the original team of X-Men (with the exception of Cyclops) died because of Vulcan. The second team of X-Men, featuring Vulcan, Darwin, Petra and Sway became the X-Men. Vulcan's team was sent to defeat Magneto's brotherhood when Genosha was no longer considered sovereign. Blob and Toad are seen fighting Petra. In the end the Brotherhood is defeated.

X-Men Noir

Blob is a member of Eric Magnus' Brotherhood. He is then partnered to Detective Peter Magnus and to Detective Mortimer Toynbee after some events.

X-Men: Misfits

For the most recent manga adaptation of the X-Men, Blob was a student at Xavier's Academy for the Gifted. He introduced himself to Kitty Pryde, the only girl in school. Although he had a big smile and a friendly demeanor, his size intimidated Kitty who was scared that he might trip & fall on top of her.

X-Men: Misfits
X-Men: Misfits

Unlike he previous incarnations, this version of Blob is gentle & friendly. He appears to have a slight crush on Kitty, as he went out of his way to sit next to her on the school bus, even though there were many empty seats. Blob also seems to be friends with other lower-level mutants. He accompanied Cyclops on their trip to New York City, and Cyclops convinced him not to eat the hot dogs. However, when Cyclops became distracted by local art, Blob reminded him that they were to keep an eye on someone.

Other Media


Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends


Blob would make his very first appearance on television in the cartoon show known as Spiderman and his Amazing Friends. In the episode known as Prison Plot, Magneto is shown as the main villain who’s holding crowd of hostages and demanding that the prison releases his fellow Brother of Evil Mutants.

Pryde of the X-Men


Voiced by Alan Oppenheimer. Blob was a member of Magnetos Brotherhood of Evil Mutant/ Terrorists, the (names change). Participating on Magnetos plan to destroy earth, Blob and Pyro served as a diversion for Magnetos second plan, which was to steal the Mutant Power Circuit from the X-mansion.In his second confrontation with the X-men, he gloated as the X-men found Blob as a difficult obstacle to pass in order to reach Magneto in time. However, Nightcrawler just teleported passed him and continued retrieving the power circuit and stop Magneto.

X-Men: The Animated Series

X-Men Animated Series
X-Men Animated Series

Voiced by Robert Calt, Blob is a member of Mystique's Brotherhood. He was one of Rogue's former teammates in the Brotherhood and like her, Blob also helps accomplishing and following Mystiques goals and agenda. The original powers of Blob apply for this version as well. He was shown fighting with the Brotherhood against the X-Men's female hero, Rogue. His personality is more depicted as a slob in this version as he burps after eating lots of ice cream and after Jubilee attacks him.

X-Men: Evolution

X-Men Evolution
X-Men Evolution

Voiced by Michael Dobson, Blob is a teenager and a very frequent character here. He is a member of Mystique's Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants. Like in his comic book counterpart he was first offered membership with the X-Men, but Mystique eventually reeled him in for The Brotherhood. However, the powers that this version have was not as strong as he had in his original version. It was also revealed that Blob developed a crush to Jean Grey. During the final battle with Apocalypse, he is one of the brotherhood members who refused to join the X-Men in fighting. However, as Wanda was persuaded to join, they have followed her unexpectedly. During Professor X's vision, he foresees the Brotherhood joining the Freedom Force of SHIELD. His more focused powers in this series was his strength and only used his durability at least one notifiable time where he stops a car with his stomach.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Wolverine and the X-Men
Wolverine and the X-Men

Voiced by Stephen Stanton, he appears here as a member of The Brotherhood Of Terrorist Mutants. They have saved Toad from the police which aims to apprehend all mutants. The brotherhood then fought the police. Blob crashed the police cars. Afterward, Quicksilver stated their threat to Senator Kelly.



Blob was originally supposed to appear in this film. And concepts for him can be seen in an ester egg on the DVD.

X2: X-Men United

Blob's name is listed in William Stryker's files on Lady Deathstrike's computer.

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Wolverine: Origins
Wolverine: Origins

Blob was part of Team X, a strike force of mutants who were essentially the predecessors of Weapon X. Originally he was only slightly larger than the others. He demonstrated his ability to stay put by blocking the barrel of a tank with his fist, and remained standing unharmed after it exploded. The other members of the team teased him about his new tattoo of a beautiful woman whom he claimed to have fallen in love with.

Wolverine encountered Blob many years later when he was searching for information on Stryker and Sabretooth. He had put on vast amounts of weight which had massively expanded his blubbery stomach and stretched the tattoo on his arm, and had begun working as a boxer for Wraith. He had a complex about his weight, and knocked Wolverine across the room when he thought he'd been called 'Blob' instead of 'Bub'. He refused to give Wolverine the necessary information until he had been beaten in the boxing ring. Wolverine struggled to have any impact on Blob, who simply stood slurping on his drink and laughing as Wolverine's punches rippled through his body fat. It wasn't until Wolverine's newly laced adamantium skeleton hit Blob on the head so hard that he fell over (destroying the ring) that he agreed to help.

The Undefeated Boxer
The Undefeated Boxer

Blob revealed that he had remained friendly with his former team-mates and continued to work for Stryker. The remnants of Team X kidnapped young mutants who had recently gained their powers, and took them to The Island for testing. Blob was aware of the moral implications, but continued to do the work. However, he remained in contact with Wraith and therefore became part of his boxing team.

When Sabretooth met Wraith in New Orleans, he indicated that he had already seen Blob and therefore killed him. Wraith was visibly angered by the news, and as such was goaded into the fight with Sabretooth based on his friendship with Blob.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Blob defeated
Blob defeated

Blob appears briefly in the movie as an opponent who Angel faces at the mutant fight club in Berlin. Blob is played by Gustav "Giant" Claude Ouimet.

Video Games

Eventually Blob wasn’t far from making his appearance within the world of video games. Of course Blob would be seen as an opposing enemy serving underneath the commands of Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants or Terrorist. Blobs very first appearance within a video game was in coin arcade machine known as X-men The Arcade Game. Serving as the second boss within the factory level, Blob would be found armed with a spiked mace and constantly repeating the phrase “Nothing moves the Blob”. He later makes another appearance in the game as a sub-boss for the very last level. Later Blob wouldn’t be making another appearance within video games until the year 2001 where he seen as an opposing villain for X-men: Reign of Apocalypse for the Gameboy Advance and makes a cameo in the background of a sequel for the X-men fighting known as Mutant Academy. It would be until a year after, in another X-men fighting (Next Dimension) where Blob can be unlocked as one of the fighting characters. In 2004, Blob is seen once again as a boss for the RPG like game for PS2 known as X-men Legends and makes an appearance for the sequel as well. When the video game version of Wolverine: Origins was released, Blob also served as a boss within that video game where his fight takes place within a grocery market and a boxing ring for some consoles.

X-Men Legends Franchise


Blob appears as member of the brotherhood of mutants and he helps Mystique to kidnap Magma, firstable he is defeated by Cyclops and Wolverine but then he reappears as boss. He also appears in a cinematic distracting some guards to allow Mystique to release Magneto, he was voiced by Mike Klastorin.

In the second game he appears only as a support character, in Genosha he is found covering a big hole in order to prevent a flood in the city, the player should help him deactivating some bombs and trigger a mechanism to stop the water and save Genosha. Then he joins the party as non playable character and finally he is teletransported to the Sanctuary. Voiced by Peter Lurie.


The Blob Build-a-Figure wave
The Blob Build-a-Figure wave
  • Blob was featured in the toy lines Toy Biz created for the X-Men.
  • Blob was featured in the toy line for X-Men: Evolution.
  • Blob was featured in a two-pack with Sabretooth as part of Hasbro's line for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
  • Blob was the subject of a "Build-a-Figure" wave for Hasbro's Marvel Legends line.

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