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Blacksnake worked along several other CIA operatives in an effort to have The Atom join, secretly to gain the knowledge he possessed of his comrades in the Justice League. In order to try to convince him they killed the Katarthans, the microscopic people the Atom had shrunken down and lived with. However this had the wrong effect and resulted in Palmer's great anger who shrunk them all down to six inches in height, however they still remained agents working for the Cabal. When Palmer was believed dead, and the new Atom had shown up working on the Suicide Squad the Micro-Squad turned up believing Adam Cray to secretly be a disguised Ray Palmer.

The group then ambushed the shrunken Atom trying to capture him for the Cabal, however Black Snake had other desires impaling him from behind with a nail before taking his size changing belt for himself. He then killed his comrades to appease the Cabal and prepared to go on the run when the final remaining member of the Micro-Squad revealed himself to be Ray Palmer viciously attacking Blacksnake, before taking his belt and leaving him the size of a molecule promising to eventually come back for him. He eventually did turning him over to the police where he was going to give information on the Cabal for a reduced sentence,however fearing this they had him murdered by Metamorpheus.

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