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Blackpool Armaments is a weapons company that is led by Lord Blackpool. They first appeared in Lady Mechanika #0 while searching for "The Demon of Satan's Alley". Blackpool Armaments was interested in acquiring this creature because of what it was: a half-machine. They believed they could use the technology found in this creature to possibly make new weapons.

Lady Mechanika vs Blackpool Armaments

Lord Blackpool's Leg Attachment

Blackpool Armaments and their leader, Lord Blackpool, would serve as the main antagonists in the Lady Mechanika series. They were interested in capturing Lady Mechanika so that they can study her in order to build new weapons. It would turn personal for lord Blackpool after Lady Mechanika shot him in the knee and kicked him in the face, destroying his jaw. She considered this her first warning against Lord Blackpool and his company.

At the Ministry of Health

Lord Blackpool's Reconstructed Jaw

The company, however, would not stay out of Lady Mechanika's affairs. They gave the command of their troops to Commander Winter. Winter was an individual who was a part of Lady Mechanika's upbringing and so gave Blackpool Armaments an advantage when they dealt with her, or so they thought. The paths of Blackpool Armaments and Lady Mechanika would converge at the Ministry of Health while both parties were in search of the body of the dead girl. Neither group was able to secure this body because it was taken away by the Engineer. Lady Mechanika disposed of the troops that accompanied Commander Winter and left Winter there until the next time they would meet.

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