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Tales of the Blue & Indigo... and Mongul

Okay, so I'm going to do something a little different and review each story in this issue (and I'm guess all 3 issues as they come out) as I read them, so this is going to take me sometime:

  • "Hope is Something You Can't Take" - I liked this story, it was a story of faith, a story of Hope. We get the story of how Saint Walker got into the Blue Lantern Corps. and how he had to show in the face of disbelief to truly show that he was the Messiah he spent nine days climbing a mountain looking for. It only deepens my love of the Blue Lantern Corps.
  • "Wrath of a Mongul" I guess the idea behind a good story or research paper is to start out strong and end strong, this story would be the weak part in the middle. I'm going to be honest, I don't know everything about the Sinestro Corps, but it's really a fairly new Corps, but I don't know how this relates to them. The art was also shady. 
  • "Klek Klok Lok?" Well, that was a pretty easy story to read. And even though it didn't have much speaking or at least understandable speaking, it may have given away more about the Indigo Tribe then one might think. Their Compassion, and I can't say I get that completely. Indigo shows up in the middle of a fight between a Green Lantern and a Sinestro "Lantern" and it seems that Indigo (the leader is named Indigo incase you've not heard) uses her powers to mercy kill the Green Lantern and turn Fear against the Yellow one. It also seems to be able to absorb the Will and Fear as a source to use against each Lantern too. Good story, just have to read between the panels I think.

So, do you pick this up? I told you pretty much all the important stuff. I'd say being that there is only 3 issue, why not. The stories are better for your knowledge if you're reading Blackest Night I think.

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