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im a huge fan of black widow and she's an awesome character but im a lil confused? how could she have been given a dose of the super soilder serum if the creator died in caps time period? who was able to re-create the serum? im new to the comic scene so i really dont know.

she's still my favorite superhero though!!!!

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It's not the actual serum used on Cap, but rather a Russian version.

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oh.....thats cool but who made the russian serum???

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The Russians.

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NiteFly says:

"The Russians."


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So is she exactly as strong/fast/agile/everything as Cap, or weaker/stronger because of the formula/her gender?

Also, what issue do we find out that she's a super soldier?

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I'm confused awell

What is Black Widow's real name?
Because different sites give 2 different names
Natalia Romanova andNatasha Romanoff

If someone can reply with an anwer, I'll be extremely grateful ^^

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posting so this thread will slide back down into the abyss

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Her real name is Natalia Romanova.  Natasha is a nickname for Natalia, much like Bill for William.  Romanoff is an Anglicization of Romanova— she has used other spellings, as well.  So, though she was first introduced as Natasha Romanoff, Natalia Romanova would be the formal equivalent in Russian, so it's not so much a retcon as a correction.  It's also been that way for a long time, since 1970s issues of Daredevil, I think.

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