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Black Panther & Storm

The Story:  
The Black Panther seeks out Storm and asks her hand in marriage. While waiting for Storm's answer the Black Panther is ambushed by the Arabian Knight who he defeats easily. Storm agrees to go with the Black Panther to Wakanda and they inform the Black Panther's mother of the news. The news of their wedding spreads fast among the super hero community and the rest of the world. With a large number of the super hero community attending the wedding in the midst of the Civil War, some heroes collide and words are said even with the Black Panther trying to control the situation and keep peace.
My Thoughts:
This isn't the most exciting Black Panther comic. Very little action as the plot of this volume centers around the wedding. It can be a little slow and boring at some parts but in the last issue it does pick up a little. The part with Black Panther trying to get Captain America and Iron Man to put aside their differences was nicely put in as the wedding is happening in the middle of the Civil War. It just shows how serious an event the Civil War really is when two heroes who used to be great friends can't even put aside their differences for the duration of their friends wedding. What I'm most curious about is the appearance of the Watcher. He only appears when a cosmic event is about to happen. I'm just wondering if it's because of the Civil War or something else entirely and if so then what? One thing I didn't like was again having to do with the writer. Reginald Hudlin was the president of BET Entertainment and he seems to be using the Black Panther comic as a way to advertise. In the comic they had BET reporters at the wedding covering the event which I didn't find realistic. It doesn't seem Reginald is as interested in comics as he is in making some type of a "black power" statement in some way, shape or form. I found Scot Eaton's art to be even better in this volume than the previous ones.

Rating: 3/5

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