eradicator's Black Panther #1 - Who Is The Next Black Panther? Part 1 review

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The Return of the Panther

I have this entire series. I have always liked Black Panther and am glad that the re-introduced him to all these younguns. I think that this series did a good job explaining the origins of Panther and explaining how he became who he is. Romita's art does the job nicely, although I would have preferred a style similar to Jim Lee or Michael Turners but who am I to complain?! I like how the introduced the polotics in this story of how Wakanda and the rest of the World interacts. It just really shows Panthers position as a king and protector of his people. I wish there was a little more hand to hand combat in this issue to showcase what Panther can do but overall not a bad start!

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