Any thoughts and suggestions about Black Orchid

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I'll keep this really simple. I'm really unfamiliar with this character, so what (if any) books about would you recommend about the Black Orchid? I am glad to see Jeff Lemire put her in with the new JLDark.

Black Orchid

Obviously the look have changed a bit. And I believe the shape-shifting is a new ability. Any opinions?

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Huh, I didn't know she existed prior to the relaunch. I feel like such a noob! :P

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@Katie24 said:

Huh, I didn't know she existed prior to the relaunch. I feel like such a noob! :P

Ditto. But then again there is a ton about the DCU that I don't know. She had a Vertigo title in the 90's and I've read she was designed as a mixture between Superman and Batman.

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She looks awesome, but i would like to see more of here in the new DCU also i wonder what other character will be added (here's hoping for BL)

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They beauty of her character was that she never had an officially recognized origin story. Not even in her first appearance did the writers make mention of who she was or how she came to be. Vertigo supplemented one in place of not having one for the actual hero they intended to "parody", if you will, but I don't believe it was recognized as canon. I would like to see an effort made to establish a back story with this new Black Orchid, seeing as how DC has the wits to bring her back into mainstream service. Here's to wishful thinking...

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@NottheFacePlease: It seems they might be hinting at an origin in Animal Man #14. She mentions that she has a connection to the Red and the Green, a result of the "Taproot Project"

We'll see if they delve any further.

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the Original B.O Rules, so pretty and elegant, she was killed in the late 80`s

i prefer the old version.

Black orchid
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We're getting somewhere. Read JLD #014 and you'll get a taste of her new back-story.

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What I do not understand is what the hell is taproot and how did the become the rot

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