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Black Mariah is a witch with the power to suck life out of anyone she touches.Her role in the city is to gather information worldwide for the Magistrate. Mariah lives in fear of her brother Wilde, who has stolen her death from the ether and can use it to kill her at any time; until then, Mariah is immortal. Lee destroys Mariah's white slavery ring and drives her out of town shortly after her (Lee's) arrival in Bete Noire. Upon her return, she offers to give Lee a piece of The Shard - a fragment of Christ's crucifix. Lee drugs and tortures Mariah for information, but later helps her recover her death from Wilde.Mariah learns that Doctor Juris was responsible for the death of Shadow Boxer, Mariah's lover, and allies herself with Lee. Twenty years later, she also enters a relationship with Malachi.

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