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Rogue angels that is loyal only to Zadkiel the Angel of Vengeance and described to be the black-ops of heaven.

Zadkiel made Danny Ketch one of his Black Host after promise of giving him his Ghost Rider Power and destroying all the Spirits of Vengeance. He sent Danny to kill all of the Spirits of Vengeance and steal their power. Meanwhile the black host lead a siege on Heaven. Later on a swarm of Black Host along with Dan attacked Johnny Blaze and other Ghost/Phantom Riders in Africa in which they won the battle, Danny got all the power, and Zadkiel got into Heaven to rule.

As of now the Black Host, minus Ketch, went on a search and destroy mission for the only thing that could stop Zadkiel, the Anti-Christ.

Some time later Blaze went through a near-death experience by the Hand were he talked to God and the Holy Lord saved him with the aid of Black Host angels who slaughtered all the ninjas.

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